Truth Is Out

I almost gave in and didn’t publish my memoir.

It was all too hard, the thought of self publishing, promoting, selling and advertising was all too much. I almost gave in. I didn’t though. I pushed on and I succeeded.

At this moment I feel elated. I am on a roll, I won’t stop, I can’t stop.

In fact my friend Bill my who is a New Yorker (I am sure he thinks I am a little funny going on and on about my fascination for all things New York, New York… including the Hearst Tower where the Oprah Magazine is located) and now lives in Ubud made me laugh recently when he said,

“You’re on a roll, you might as well add a bagel”

The best part of becoming a published author and blogger is the fascinating new friends I have made.

I feel as though I have found my place, how perfect that I ended up in Ubud, a Balinese vortex, where misfits seem to congregate.

My friends know what I mean, I use the word misfits as a compliment.

Artistic souls with a craving, an aura of magic, their minds are in a dream state of creativity.

This world of eccentricity suits me. I have found my place in the world.

I self published my memoir last year in my other home Melbourne, Australia.

Publishing Scarlett Voices In The Shadows  was a big project to tackle.

I not only set up Valda Press in memory of my Mum, I also needed to find somewhere to live.

I stayed in 7 different locations during my two months in Melbourne, which included house sitting and looking after an old beagle named Buster.

The exciting day finally arrived, I hired a car to collect my precious books from the printer, it was like a dream, I had actually done it. The next step was distribution.

At one point I was walking along Lygon Street in Melbourne with a huge box of books when I fell over.

I wanted to cry.

I was thinking, what that hell am I doing here? It was then, that I heard Donna Summer’s 1983 disco song go off in my head,

“She works hard for the money, so hard for the money”.

I laughed out loud, the homeless guy on the pavement looked at me with an astonishing gaze.

I am sure he was thinking a Community Service worker would be arriving soon to take me away.

I must admit at that point I was thinking the same, had I finally tipped over the edge into a hysterical delusion, what the hell was I doing anyway?

It was only a few years previous that I was in Melbourne campaigning with the ASU, Australian Services Union, Victorian and Tasmania Authorities and Services Branch on the steps of Parliament House, dancing with a group of Union Comrades to that same tune.

We were protesting for equal pay for women, it was so much fun sneaking into Parliament House and doing a flash dance.

We were quickly ushered outside and continued our dance on the steps of the magnificent Melbourne Parliament House.

I still remember the Police Officers trying not to laugh, I wonder if we tried that now what would happen?

What a bizarre life I have led.

I started this blog with the intention of having a rant.

I wanted to set the record straight after being challenged over a Facebook post. I was challenged about the intention of my post when I reposted a thread congratulating the ASU at a National Conference for being the first in the world to instigate the groundbreaking Family Violence Clause.

The intention of my post was to highlight the success and how far it has come.

It was also my intention to shed a light on the facts. To set the record straight about my involvement, namely it was me who was the first person to pick it up.

The true news about how the phenomena started.

In retrospect Facebook certainly isn’t the forum to have my voice heard.

I was astounded when a friend said that she believed I was shaming the ASU, this kind of confrontation shocked me and ultimately led me to writing this blog.

I don’t need to justify myself. I will do so though because I have nothing to hide.

This is not fake news. This is the truth. I would love someone to check my facts, like an old fashioned Journalist investigating an interesting story.

How exciting would that be? … okay, okay back to the point.

I am grateful for the training and awards I received from the ASU.

I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to speak at Union events about the benefits of the Family Violence Clause I instigated at the Surf Coast Shire in 2010.

I am grateful and proud that I launched my memoir at the ASU State Delegates Conference in October, 2016 in Melbourne to a crowd of over 300 delegates. I have written the truth in my memoir.

Now is the right time for the Australian National Press to acknowledge that it was me who instigated the world changing initiative.

It was me who made the call.

I changed the wording to the Surf Coast Shire in the original document that was written by Ludo McFerran from the University of New South Wales.

It was my idea with the backing of ASU Official Barry Miller to convince my fellow unpaid workplace delegates that we should push hard to have the Family Violence Clause included into our workplace agreement at the Surf Coast Shire.

Let me tell you now, it wasn’t an easy task. However, I was on a mission, I felt as though I would achieve Justice if I succeeded after being assaulted; it became my obsession.

If you listen to my speech at the ASU conference, you will understand the passion behind my conviction in succeeding to get it over the line.

I was thrilled when the Surf Coast Times interviewed me in March this year after meeting with Rosie Batty at the Windsor Hotel in Melbourne.

I was also delighted to be mentioned in the Mayors Column in the Surf Coast Times on 6 April, 2017 and being called a Trailblazer.

Strangely enough that same day Keith Baillie, CEO of the Surf Coast Shire mentioned me on the front page of the Newspaper as a woman (but didn’t name me) who wasn’t treated very well at the time, however I brought the Family Violence Clause to the attention of Council and the rest is history.

Just last week I was featured in a comprehensive and accurate article as a “Person” by the respected National newspaper the Jakarta Post. The article was titled;

Sharon Karyasa, Trailblazer. Sharon Karyasa’s Memoir is one of empowerment and it’s the entire package that will give women hope.

I was excited when freelance Journalist Bill Dalton told me he was hoping the Jakarta Post would accept his submission.

He further explained that he was impressed with my writing and the content of my blog, particularly my work on the Family Violence Clause and an article I had written titled, Shy Girls End Last.

In my Facebook post I suggested that it would be the appropriate time for the Australian National Press to acknowledge my work before I am known in the USA.

I have already met with advisors of Mayor Eric Garcetti from LA City Hall in Los Angeles, California to discuss the phenomenal success of the movement over the last seven years.

My point is that I don’t want to become just another Aussie, who get’s overlooked due to the tall poppy syndrome.

A Journalist by the name of Jenna Price from The Sydney Morning Herald wrote an article about be on the 27 October, 2014 titled

ACTU breaks ground on domestic violence with Fair Work Commission claim.

Jenna called me the unnamed woman who changed the lives of 2 million workers.

Although I was thrilled with the recognition many of the details of the article where incorrect.

I didn’t leave Australia to escape the attention, in fact both the ASU and my workplace insisted I shouldn’t speak to the press.

They warned that if I spoke to the press I could loose my job at the Surf Coast Shire, due to a confidentiality agreement whilst I was working for Council.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 10.31.47 pm

This is the only photograph taken of me in 2010 with staff from the Surf Coast Shire (Sharon Rowlands was my Maiden name, I use to be blonde).  My name was not mentioned in the article written by the Surf Coast Times. I am holding a life time membership  award which was presented to me by the ASU.

I emailed Jenna in March this year after I met with Rosie Batty to ask her to interview me so I could set the record straight, Jenna did reply that she would get back to me, but didn’t.

Politics doesn’t interest me much these days, I prefer to think of myself as a Humanist. I am bored with the same old, same old rhetoric that goes back and forth.

I would much prefer to imagine a world without Politics, without borders and without rhetoric.

Maybe it’s my creative mind going into overdrive, or living in an idyllic Village Compound where everyone gets on with it.

I’ll sign off for now, I wonder what will happen next?

Have a great week,

Blessings always

Sharon x


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I started off this morning with the idea of reposting a blog I wrote in December 2016 titled Feminist Begone.

What began as a Facebook post became a blog update.

It seems as though there are times whilst I am sitting at my desk that my fingers take charge. Often taking me into an entirely different direction than I thought I was going.

Since writing Feminist Begone in December I have decided to put my first novel about my fictitious heroine named Charlie on hold.

My shadow voices are telling me it’s important to share my life here in Bali through the written word.

I have already commenced my next book about my extraordinary life married to Made, living in a Balinese Family Compound and all the hilarious and astonishing stories about life here on The Island of the Gods.

Since returning from my adventure in Hollywood and meeting acclaimed Author Margaret Atwood at the Hollywood Premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale which I wrote about in my blog titled 7 days in LA.  I am flabbergasted about the hype and attention the mini series is receiving.

Last week was a real aha moment for me, when the The Jakarta Post published a photograph of me with Atwood which was taken at the premier of The Handmaids Tale in Hollywood on April 26, 2017.

As with all of my blog updates I write from the heart. I write how I am feeling, I write from my own perspective.

Basically I stand by my comments that the word Feminism is out dated. It’s time we united together as humans. We are, after all, humans, right? Isn’t the word humanist more fitting for the year 2017?

I believe its up to us as humans to educate our Children, both girls and boys to believe that equality is NORMAL.

I raised my son to respect both sexes as equal.

James is an only child. I made it my mission as he was growing up to have as many friends of both gender as he wanted visit our home.

I am delighted that his girlfriends and boyfriends are all still his friends. In fact it’s a real bonus that I am also friend’s with this delightful group of accomplished millennials.

It’s our job as parents to empower our Children, to believe friendship and respect should be devoted equally to both sexes.

I don’t want to hear conversations that Atwood’s fictitious story, The Handmaids Tale, could in anyway be a conceivable future reality.

Please don’t get me wrong.

I admire, respect, honour and thank our Sisters before us who fought for the vote, and so much more.

In fact I wrote an assignment whilst I was studying a Diploma of Welfare about the incredible dedication the campaign movement of the Suffragette’s and their contribution to equality.

Suffragette’s were real life Wonder Women.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great week

Blessings always

Sharon x


An #Aha #Oprah moment opening up the The Jakarta Post on 17 July 2017

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Hold on to that dream

I received an email 7 days ago advising me that I would be featured in the Jakarta Post on Monday 17 July 2017. Thoughts were swirling around, too many to think about. Could this be a reality?

I was to be featured in one of the most respected national Newspapers on the planet! I would be showcased as “People”.

I tried my best to stay calm over the weekend.

I had to get on with life as normal. The problem with me though, is that I don’t really have a normal week.

This week however, I was hostess to my friend Anni.

Anni had never been to Ubud, in fact Anni had never travelled anywhere on her own.  I love the fact that Anni decided to do something different, to be adventurous and to travel independently.

After settling into a local Warung, I ordered Coconuts.


It was Anni’s first Coconut, it was a hit, she loved it.

It was heart warming sharing special moments with my friend.

I did however chew her ear off about my excitement over the article that was due to come out the following day.

I am truly sorry Anni, I do become obsessive, especially when something big is about to happen.

It’s 4.30am Monday morning, I stir.

I look at my phone and force myself to close my eyes until 5am.

I grab my phone and download the Jakarta Post. I am in shock. There I am, larger than life.

The article is perfect.

Bill Dalton got the message across beautifully. One of the main reasons I wrote my book with such honesty was to share the good, bad, crazy, funny and astonishing times in my life.. so far.woke up to this

My life to date has been one of liberation, it is now my duty, my mission is to empower women and men to pick themselves up.

Dust themselves off, then to go out and catch that dream.

Anni stayed at Tri Sandhya Villa for four days, during that time I escorted her around idyllic Ubud.

It still astounds me at times, being surrounded by such beauty, there is a reason why Barack Obama recently chose to stay at a hotel close to Tri Sandhya Villa.

You need to spend time in our location, to encompass the mysterious feeling in and around the Ubud district.

One morning we sipped coffee at a Royal Hotel, a short walk from Tri Sandhya Villa.

We sat overlooking a forest ravine, we gazed at the awe-inspiring view, soaking in the wonderland, which can only be described as a Garden of Eden.

Anni is a woman who never let go of her dreams. All her life she had fantasised about being a Kindergarten teacher. Then at the age of 54 her dream became a reality.

It took Anni 14 years to finally achieve her aspirations; she also finished up attaining a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with distinctions due to her tenacity and commitment.

Anni chatted about feeling empowered after finally achieving her degree, she also explained that she almost gave up.

But she didn’t.

Anni said she finally feels validated, she feels confident, she feels reborn.

I know how she feels.

Working hard, digging deep and focusing on the big picture is hard, bloody hard.

I know one thing for sure though. I wouldn’t change the past.

Victory is so much sweeter when you can see that light.

Okay, so it’s time to post this blog and get back to my next project, which will be writing my next book about my extraordinary life on this magical Island.

Have a great weekend.

Blessings always

Sharon x


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Bali Love

Following on from my last blog titled Bali Unseen

I have already commenced my next book about my life living in a Balinese Community with my husband, family and Village neighbours.

In the meantime I would like to share an excerpt from Scarlett Voices in the Shadows, which was the written from my perspective when I was only 19 years old.

The year was 1984.

I was a solo traveller.

The destination was Bali.

Although my life has taken many twists and turns, one thing remains the same.

My love affair with Bali has not only stayed the same, it has catapulted into a world of the extraordinary.

A world I could never have imagined when I was only 19 years old.

Excerpt – Scarlett Voices in the Shadows – Chapter 6 Paradise Island

When I woke up, I suddenly realised I was alone. Mel was living with her boyfriend in the city of Denpasar located some distance from my hotel. I awoke disorientated and looked around my immaculate room.

I was jumping around in glee, feeling overwhelmed with excitement. I had two bamboo beds in my room, beautiful polished white floors, an immaculate bathroom with a shower and toilet and a beautiful photograph of a Balinese dancer on the wall.

I opened my door, embracing the panorama of Ramayana Seaside Cottages. I kept thinking, I am in heaven, this is heaven, I am definitely dreaming, how could I be staying in this tropical paradise?

It had taken me twelve months of saving to afford my package holiday. During this time, I had not gone out and spent money at the pub or bought any new clothes, which was an extremely tough challenge, as I loved fashion and adored buying new clothes.

I stood there scanning the luxurious setting. I was instantly in love with the pool area. I could see a beautiful openthatched hut with brightly coloured cushions scattered around, frangipani plants in beautiful pots and garden beds cascading with exotic plants.

I sat down in the breakfast area and was immediately greeted by a beautiful girl dressed in a sarong and lace top known as a ‘kebaya.

The banana pancake, tropical juice and fruit that were served were the most exotic foods I had ever seen and tasted.

I kept smiling, secretly imagining I was in an episode of Gilligan’s Island, which of course meant I had arrived in paradise and would never be able to leave. It was at this moment that I drifted off into a dream. I was dreaming of limitless possibilities, limitless, limitless worlds. I felt so calm, relaxed, hypnotised.

I was looking ahead, zoning in. I was seeing everything I believed was not possible. I was floating next to a beautiful woman, who was dressed identically to the waitress.She was placing three small beautiful arrangements of coloured flowers on top of a temple, delicately balancing a stick of incense on top.

The ritual continued as she splashed water over the small offering and proceeded to wave her hand in a fascinating magical movement over the flowers.

The aroma from the incense was potent, the ritual an intoxicating experience. I was floating, drifting, dancing into a world that wasn’t one I had ever known, a flight of fantasy, a craving, a knowing.


Photograph taken 1 July 2017 @ our Balinese Village home

Thank you for reading my blog.

Blessings always


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Bali Unseen

Okay so I am married to a Balinese man.

I live in a Balinese family compound, I live a blessed life. That is true, however my true fascination with Bali started long before I met Made.

How do I even begin to write a short article about my obsession with Bali.

Yes I have written about Bali in my memoir Scarlett Voices in the Shadows, although I have just skimmed the surface about my insatiable craving for this incredible Island.

I guess the best way to sum up my feelings at this point as I tip tap on the keyboard is to attempt writing a short fascinating, entertaining scribe about my feelings and Bali.  Although only one word sums it up:

“Niskala” the Balinese word for Unseen

Let me put it another way.  There is NO word. The addiction I have for Bali is unexplainable.   Off the top of my head here are a few examples that kind of gives you a picture.

Bali creates a feeling

Bali creates a knowing

Bali creates magic

Bali creates mystery

Bali creates fascination

This morning I felt elated after my morning walk, the natural beauty of my surrounds, the infectious smiles of the farmers in the rice field and the workers at the monkey forest.

I felt elated after witnessing what we thought were wolves in the forest.  I felt elated by the musical sounds coming from the monkeys, who were obviously as happy as we were.

I felt elated by the miraculous spectacle of Mount Agung as it was waking up, the sun rising above its vast splendor, luminating its all powerful presence.

I was going to write this blog about some of the Villagers, the farmers, or the characters we meet and talk to everyday.

I was going to write this blog about some of my experiences living amongst the many layers of my Niskala community.

I couldn’t decide, the task was too difficult.  I believe a much better idea would be if I commenced my next book about my extraordinary life living in Bali.

So I will wind up this little scribe with a short poem I wrote on Instagram after we returned home this morning.

We live in a world of magic and wonder

My affirmation this day and everyday is for love, nature and kindness to win

Its time to unite

We must dismiss fear, hatred, anger and violence

Selfie taken this morning on our daily walk, with our two Bali rescue Dogs.  Made is holding Zara and I am cuddling Maxi.

My life has taken on a different type of rhythm since returning from Hollywood.

Only the Gods, Goddesses and my universal spiritual guides will know where my next chapter will steer me.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Blessings always



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Hollywood unseen. It’s a wrap (for now)

I am back at the Taipei Airport transit lounge where I wrote a blog entry before embarking on my unknown adventure to LA six weeks ago. I actually lost track of the amount of time I had been away from home until I checked the dates.

I wanted to keep this update short, although summing up the trip would probably need bullet points to cover the madness of synchronic and circumstances of people and places I became engulfed in.

Maybe I should start backwards, like ten minutes ago, before I sat in this peaceful café, sipping my coffee and bashing out my thoughts.

I love China Airlines, the man next to me was making a great choice of selecting marathon movies. I was enjoying the security of flying without responsibilities.

It was fun not making choices, it was easier to copy his selection of movies. I glanced over at the caption on his small monitor and was astounded.

1964 Hollywood

How could this be? I had just finished reminiscing about old Hollywood, with a real life Hollywood starlet in Beverly Hills whilst having lunch a few hours prior. 1964 was the year I was born. The movie called Rules don’t apply was about Howard Hughes.

Warren Beatty stars as the Hollywood Icon, had I just driven past The Promenade at The Howard Hughes Centre? Why did the movie finish at the exact moment my twelve hour flight was landing here in Taipei? Why was Alec Baldwin in the movie after I had met him at his book signing at Barnes and Noble and he suggested I send my memoir to his publisher?

So many stories, incredible stories, like stumbling across a beautiful photograph randomly in a book titled Hollywood Unseen of my heroine Scarlett O’Hara on another day at Barnes and Nobel.

Vivien and me.jpg

I do know one thing though.

I was blessed and feel deep gratitude to have met some incredible human beings who took me under their wing, showered me with kindness and friendship and opened my eyes up to a different world.

My meeting with representatives of the Mayor’s Office was the highlight of my time in Los Angeles. It was the most incredible feeling to share my experience of instigating the world breaking family violence clause in 2010.

Whilst I was sitting in the Mayors Office at famous City Hall in LA discussing the brilliant movement, it was at that moment I felt as though I had reached a pivotal point in my life.

I highlighted these important paragraphs in my memoir, as well as submitting additional documentation about the groundswell movement, which all started whilst I was working at the iconic Surf Coast Shire in Victoria, Australia.

Excerpt from Scarlett Voices In the Shadows

So, I looked around the boardroom table and took a deep breath. I spoke about the benefits of including the family violence clause in the workplace agreement. The human resources manager interrupted me and started laughing. While voicing his opinion in an authoritarian tone, he said it was unacceptable, as negotiations had already commenced. Additionally, the family violence clause was not an item he would consider as council business.

Instead of cowering to him, I found a strength that I didn’t know existed. It was almost as though the events of the last ten years had culminated in that one moment. I had only one shot at it and I needed to succeed.

I thought about the men and women in my life who had let me down, who had abandoned me, who had lied to me and about me, who had laughed behind my back, and who had finally assaulted me. I needed revenge. I needed retribution, and I needed to win.

I knew I would get the clause through. I felt an overwhelming strength, a power. I was a warrior. This was my time and I would make it happen.

I ignored the human resources manager and looked directly at the negotiator. I then asked him simply if everyone around the table was an equal. He responded by saying that without a doubt there would be no discrimination inside the room. Regardless of position in the organisation, everybody would be treated equally.

I told the negotiator that I was offended when the human resources manager laughed at me. I told him I was confused why anyone would laugh at such a serious issue; being a victim of crime is not a laughing matter. I looked at the negotiator and said I would like to ask the members of the negotiating committee to at least listen to our submission on how the clause would benefit both workers and management.

I looked around the room as I urged the members to understand the importance of the clause before dismissing it. I looked at each member of the committee and beamed an affirmation of agreement from everyone.

The group members looked at each other and everyone started mumbling at once. Then, a senior manager spoke and said,I think we should at least listen to what Scarlett and Bert have got to say; we are, after all, here as a collective.

One by one, everyone around the table gave a nod. The last person to nod was the human resources manager, who finally turned to the negotiator and instructed him to list the family violence clause item at the bottom of the agenda for discussion.

It was then for the first time that I heard the voices speak together, in the sweetest sound imaginable; a group of angels spoke in unison,

We are so very proud of you, Scarlett. This clause will change the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Some of you may be curious how my progress is going on my mission to reach out to Oprah?

I can rest assured, with the help of my guardian angels, I am making considerable progress.

But for now, it’s time to board my flight to Paradise, and even if it’s corny – I am calling it.

It’s a wrap

Sharon Karyasa © 2017

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One definition of pride is as follows:

A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired

My original thought about this blog was to write about my Journey so far in LA, however the last month has been such a fast pace of a mixed bag of emotions, adventures and craziness it’s hard to pinpoint one topic to write about.

I was considering writing a blog titled The Hollywood Hustle, I changed my mind (this time).

Yesterday I was listening to a conversation whilst I was travelling. The topic of conversation between two women was about parenting. The older woman was describing how she was teaching her daughter the importance of being proud.

This conversation was heart warming.

Ebony described how she encouraged her teenage daughter to walk with a straight back, to take pride in her appearance, to participate with her team mates in her chosen sport (which she changed regularly, but that week was hockey) forget about the drugs and the dark influences that were all around her in the hood.

I joined the conversation with these two women and mentioned that I felt inspired after listening to them interacting.

This conversation took place between two women who had just met.

I sat down at my desk this morning and decided to tip tap away at keyboard and see what transpired.

Before starting my blog I checked social media. To my surprise, I was overwhelmed with elation when I discovered my son James Rowland had been featured for the 2nd week running as the dedicated feature writer for Survivor New Zealand.

For anyone who has read my memoir you will be aware of my son’s obsession and commitment to the long running TV series started when he was only six years old.

The pride I am feeling now is beyond the written word.

My past month here in LA has certainly been an education. I have met so many people, been educated on an array of topics (predominately the entertainment industry) listened to and been involved in a feast of intellectual brain stimulate from people living in the diverse demographical expanse of Central LA.

One thing I have learnt so far is this:

  • I must keep my dreams alive
  • With common sense I must continue to encourage family and friends to be kind to strangers (and pepper spray close by if in LA).

The most important lesson I have learnt in the past month is to give gratitude to these mystery of people.

I have been reminded to honour chance encounters with our fellow humans, who are always around us if we open our senses and embrace the unknown.

Finally I have learnt to be proud of my own achievements and to keep forging ahead to catch that star which is always there.

Just look up – and then one clear night she will sparkle an infinity of rays so brilliant the unthinkable will become reality.


With my son James Rowland, blogger for Survivor New Zealand




All that Glitters Not Necessarily Gold

I am trying to clear my head around my Journey so far in LA.

I had become complacent, I forgot for a moment that I was living in a different world. I let my guard down.

My idea about spending time in the very cool Venice Beach didn’t quite turn out the way I planned.

I don’t want to go into details however I found myself booked into accommodation where I didn’t feel safe.

I’m not pointing the finger or being negative, it’s imperative to check all the fine print when booking shared accommodation, which I didn’t.

Simple things like having locks on doors when travelling alone is a requirement I would recommend for solo travellers.

The good news for me though is that I have met some incredible people on my journey, who came to my rescue and helped relocate me to a more suitable area.  I am now settled and feel as though I can focus fully on the task ahead of me.

My mission is still a dream, just as I was thinking of giving up and changing my flight the universe sent me a sign.

Yes a real sign, although my trek up to the Hollywood Sign gave me a fresh incentive it was a real tangible sign that sealed the deal.

After settling into a fabulous home in West Hollywood I met Leanne.  Leanne was literally packing her bags, ordering a Lyft and set to fly to Navada to film a spectacular wedding.

When Leanne from Blooming Lovely Films discovered I lived in Bali she became excited.  She then played a beautiful film she had shot in Ubud.

The smiles, the warmth, the simplicity of the Balinese people jolted deep into my soul.  Their eyes where winking at me, urging me not to give up, daring me to continue my quest.

More time has past and more connections have come my way….stay tuned on my incredible journey in a fareaway land.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Blessings always


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