Life sometimes throws us spears, daggers, storms and even hurricanes.

These tests are the biggest challenges we face.

How easy is it to give up, surrender, stay quiet and be submissive.

abstract It’s a challenge to speak your truth .

When you think you have no more to give, then look around.

Just one friend, one stranger, can help.

When your day is full of sunshine, all can be returned.


Sharon Karyasa © 2016

Great Southern Ocean

It is moments before Sunrise on the first day of Spring.

I look towards the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean. I gaze at the engulfing horizon, I take a deep breath and run.

The air is cold, I dive in. I feel alive, I feel invigorated, I feel gratitude, I am back. I splash around with glee, I pray.


The sun rises as I salute her beauty.

Rejuvenated with faith.

I have come back, the elements of nature blessing me with continual, cleansing my body and soul in a Great Southern Ocean.

Great Southern Ocean

Sharon Karyasa © 2016


Cosmopolitan, busy, dressed for business.

They commute without acknowledging each other.

They walk purposefully towards their destination of business.

Some wander aimlessly, some sleep on the pavements, cold and homeless with no where to go.

Security guards look purposefully alert, protecting the elite, well dressed shoppers choosing the latest designer handbag at the emporium.

Students, tourists, street performers, protesters gathering to complain.cityphoto.jpg

The pace quickens, the masses merge, the concrete jungle expanding, boundaries vanishing, diminishing quickly.



Sharon Karyasa © 2016

Girls, Girls, Girls

Sometimes we just like to dress up. Choose the perfect frock, shoes, Jewelry and handbag. Sometimes we like to go to the salon, to be fussed over, nails, make up, hair, fluffing, grooming.

We greet each other like swans. We are elegant, gushing, air kissing, laughing. The warmth is genuine, the reality is sparkling. We eat, we drink, we dance, we laugh at nonsensical trivialities.girlsgirlsgirls

We are not airheads, we are business women, we embrace our feminine with authority. We are girls, girls, girls.

Sharon Karyasa © 2016

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