Some days we want to swing, laugh, embrace natures beauty and forget.

Some days the Universe sends messages of warnings that all is not as perfect as it seems in an idyllic illusion.

Do we keep swinging or do we take a leap?

Now is the time to Unite in love, it IS possible, nature is yearning for a brave new world.


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Am I the Odd One Out

Am I the odd one out?

Do they judge me?

Do they laugh at me?

Do they gossip about me?

Do they abandon me because I’m a different colour?

Do they disown me because my mind gets confused?

Do they shun me because I wasn’t born in their Country?

Do they laugh about me because my retention of their language is blocked?



Village life equates to many many temple ceremonies.  We visit our family and give offerings to the Gods. We then pray to our ancestors. Gratitude is the key to continual harmony in our Communities.

I am accepted as a community member without judgement.

Love and gratitude to our ancestors is the answer to freedom, after all ….

We are one 🙏

Blessings always

Sharon x

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I feel the vibration shifting tremendously

Here in my spiritual Bali the Gods are sending me signs

I am searching my soul

My clarity is murky

The black and white is seeping into grey


Who can we trust ?

Now is the time, the biggest challenge we must face

Dark days approach

Asking for faith

My heart is aching for the world, for the people, for the sadness

Dig deep and breathe

Dig deep

We must believe


Sharon Karyasa © 2017

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Day Dreams

When I was a child a would gaze into the horizon

When I was a child I would dream whilst I was awake

I heard voices

Fantasy became a destination I sought

I kept searching, I flew, I ran

I discovered a new world

I have reached that destination, eutopia is within

Love when you want to hate, dream when you need to think

Celebrate, be festive, be busy, create

Life has began again, time is a fantasy created to embrace

Life has started today.





Life sometimes throws us spears, daggers, storms and even hurricanes.

These tests are the biggest challenges we face.

How easy is it to give up, surrender, stay quiet and be submissive.

abstract It’s a challenge to speak your truth .

When you think you have no more to give, then look around.

Just one friend, one stranger, can help.

When your day is full of sunshine, all can be returned.


Sharon Karyasa © 2016

Great Southern Ocean

It is moments before Sunrise on the first day of Spring.

I look towards the vast expanse of the Southern Ocean. I gaze at the engulfing horizon, I take a deep breath and run.

The air is cold, I dive in. I feel alive, I feel invigorated, I feel gratitude, I am back. I splash around with glee, I pray.


The sun rises as I salute her beauty.

Rejuvenated with faith.

I have come back, the elements of nature blessing me with continual, cleansing my body and soul in a Great Southern Ocean.

Great Southern Ocean

Sharon Karyasa © 2016


Cosmopolitan, busy, dressed for business.

They commute without acknowledging each other.

They walk purposefully towards their destination of business.

Some wander aimlessly, some sleep on the pavements, cold and homeless with no where to go.

Security guards look purposefully alert, protecting the elite, well dressed shoppers choosing the latest designer handbag at the emporium.

Students, tourists, street performers, protesters gathering to complain.cityphoto.jpg

The pace quickens, the masses merge, the concrete jungle expanding, boundaries vanishing, diminishing quickly.



Sharon Karyasa © 2016