Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Blog 11_ let’s talk about the Island of the Gods

We seem to be at a stalemate here on our paradise Island of Bali.

More than 180,000 plus people have been evacuated from their homes here in Bali, life goes on.

My heart aches for these people who have been away from their homes, temples and animals for some weeks now.

Below is the latest histogram for the period 24 hours prior to the reading at midnight October 13, 2017.

13 October 2017.jpg

Histogram , 24 hour update until midnight 13 October 2017

For updates check MAGMA Indonesia’s website.

To be honest I have no idea what it means.

I do however understasnd that nothing has changed in regards to still being on level 4 high alert for a possible volcanic eruption.

I reported on my previous blog information that my husband Made translated from the Bali Post on October 10, 2017.

The official number of evacuees as quoted from Bali’s Governor Made Pastika totals 185,865 people, from 54,788 families.

When I awoke this morning, I turned on my television and tuned into ABC 24 to try and catch up on some news from my other home in Australia.

It seems these days astonishing events are unfolding almost hourly.  Did I hear right?  Was the former Prime Minister of Australia talking about volcanoes and offerings to the Gods?

I missed the report so I quickly jumped online, to my horror Tony Abbott was quoted as saying,

“Primitive people once killed goats to appease the volcano gods, we are more sophisticated now but are still sacrificing our industries and our living standards to the climate gods to little more effect”

This quote shocked me.

I felt sick.

I became weak, then I rushed to my computer to express my emotion.

Only yesterday I was invited to a complicated ceremony in a very special temple. For now I would prefer not to go into the details of where, when, why and how come.

I am writing a book about my extraordinary life and my commitment to the Balinese Hindu Religon.  Let’s just say it’s complicated.

What I will say is that we had a very special guest, who is a Buddha Pendeta Priest from Karangasem.  Our special guest performed a series of rituals.

I was in awe of this priest, I had never seen a priest wear yellow.  I asked Made if he had ever seen a priest dressed in such an elaborate way.  Made was also surprised and intrigued.

Our special guest was powerful.  I was hooked into a daze of fantasy.

I witnessed an incredible secret ritual.

I knew yesterday that without a shadow of a doubt that these rituals (amongst other reasons) was to give blessings to our Holy Mount Agung.

In my heart of hearts I believe these types of ceremonies are happening all over Bali, after all we are the Island of the Gods.

Now I didn’t see any sacrificing of animals yesterday, however I am not saying it didn’t happen prior to the opening ceremony.

I would like to sign off today’s blog with something my dear Mum would say to me,

“Respect all people, religions and places. We are all different, if there is something we don’t understand we must not make judgement”.

Blessings always

Sharon x


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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Blog 10_ Mount Agung is pregnant

This update will be short and sweet.

Basically everything I know is covered in the Instagram story below.

Links to charities and official Indonesian Government websites are listed on my previous posts.

I sincerely appreciate your comments as it keeps me motivated to be able to connect with you.

Blessings always on a magnificent day from this magical place called Bali, also known as the Island of the Gods.

Sharon x


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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Live stream



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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Blog 9_ tolerance, messages and signs

More than 130,000 plus people have been evacuated from their homes here in Bali, life goes on.

For updates check MAGMA Indonesia’s website.

Bali is open for business as usual.

The airports are open, the hotels and restaurants welcome your business with warmth and sincerity you will only find in Bali.

Our hospitality on this magical Island is truly unique, even under the toughest of circumstances.

Today in our compound we are celebrating Tumpek Uduh (Pengatag), we are giving offerings in our family temple to the Gods to say thank you for horticulture.

The Island’s six monthly ceremony Galungan dan Kuningan is fast approaching, today we pray to the Gods and hope that we will be blessed with fruit, flowers and leaf from the trees, this produce will be used in offerings for Galungan dan Kuningan.

It seems timely that nature is the current theme, it certainly needs to be an urgent discussion.

Natural disasters are happening all over the world more frequently, only two days ago Prince Charles called for decisive action be taken on climate change.

Here in Bali we are in a state of suspension, strange things are happening, the energy on the Island is unexplainable for us sensitive souls.

Vicki Ruhr gives sound advice,

As long as there is no ETA to hold to and live by, how about we try and live by the Balinese sentiment of tolerance* and making the best of an extraordinary situation? *remember the words tolerance and suffering are interchangeable too…..

For anyone who maybe reading my blog for the fist time maybe you’re thinking, here we go, another expat in Bali with too much time on her hands, the experts have the situation covered. What’s left to report?

Well maybe your right, please feel free to stop reading now if I am boring you or the content of my blog is not beneficial in any way.

After my rant last night about being nice to each other, I may as well continue the conversation about feelings and sensitivity.

It is certainly a relief that I have written publically about my shadow voices in my memoir Scarlett Voices in the Shadows.

I can hear you now, 

“Who does she think she is, full of self importance and self promotion”

Negative speak washes off me easily these days.

When I heard Oprah speak about manifestation and listening to signs as normal, I felt relieved.

I was not alone.

If #Oprah feels connected to a higher source, then I am okay.

Michele Yoga who has lived in Bali for nine years also gets messages.

I am going to put it out there because she wants me to.

My own shadow voices are fully wired at the moment, they wont stop chattering away furiously.

They urged me to call Michele this morning after she posted another majestic photograph of Mount Agung.


Mount Agung at 6.30am  7 October, 2017  Photograph by Michele Yoga

I must add though that I have never met Michele, my only connection with Michele is though my observation online.

I have been admiring her humanitarian work in Amed and the surrounding area.


Michele organised bedding and food for people sleeping under a tarp in a private house of their friends.

I sent Michele a message last night requesting permission to publish her photographs.

I was grateful when she happily agreed.

To my utter surprise Michele explained how she also hears messages, the signals are coming from Mount Agung.

Michele speaks my language.

I get it.

Michele’s messages were clear and concise. The messages were given to me at the exact moment she was staring at Mount Agung,

Energy buzzing at high frequency in my left ear

He is saying don’t ignore me

Stop thinking of yourselves, open your hearts and connect with others

Don’t become complacent

Don’t ignore me

Afterwards Michele told me she had goose bumps radiating throughout her body.

I also felt goose bumps radiate through my body at that synchronised moment.

Michele told me she has been mesmerised by Mount Agung for years, his energy is part of her soul and she feels hypnotised by the force of his power.

Additionally she feels compelled to stay close, to help were she can in and around the Amed district.


Baby was born with cleft palate on 23 September, although not a evacuee Michele referred the baby to Solemen Indonesia who will take care of surgery to correct this.

How should I conclude my blog after publically putting out messages from an awe inspiring mountain with the possibility of an eruption?

I will quote the Queen herself,

Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new centre of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand”

“If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough”

#Oprah Winfrey

Blessings always,

Sharon x



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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Live stream



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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Blog 7_ Football, Holy men and a Volcano

Although over 130,000 plus people have been evacuated from their homes here in Bali, life must go on.

We are all doing our best here on the Island, I refuse to get into negative speak, if I see anything scathing or judgmental online, I will hit delete without a second thought.

I am being asked the same question daily, should I come to Bali?

Is it safe to come to Bali?

Tell me Sharon, should I come to Bali?

I refuse to answer that question. That’s not my call, that’s up to you.

It’s all about balance.

I feel a strong connection to the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha, I pray to this wise guy when I am feeling confused.

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and is known as the The Lord of Obstacles, The Lord of Beginnings, The Lord of Prosperity, you can google him if you are interested.

I find peace in Lord Ganesha’s wisdom, you will find a statue of him welcoming you into almost every family compound and business on our Island.

Visit Indonesia Tourism has assured visitors that Bali is open for business as usual.

Rick Loxton from Finn’s Bali reiterated Indonesia Tourisms response by opening up his impressive doors today free to non-members for the Australian football league grand final.

Made and myself wanted to expose our nieces to a small slice of Australia without leaving Bali.

I was blown away by the facilities, the size of the film screen was impressive to say the least and the affluent Australian expats and tourists of Canggu society filled the lawn area.

The atmosphere reminded me of being at the Melbourne races or at an open air music festival.

A massive romantic marquee with tables set up, staff made sure the happy footy fans glasses were refilled with a never ending flow of champagne and beer.

When the congregation of Aussies stood up and sang the Australian national anthem, goose bumps radiated throughout my body.

I was thrilled when Richmond, a traditional Melbourne team took home the cup.

The local expatriates and tourists didn’t seem to have a care in the world.

It was interesting, although I did wonder how many people had packed face masks, goggles and ear plugs in their handbags?

Maybe you are wondering how a group of wealthy Australians could be enjoying a fun day out when over 130,000 people are in camps all over the Island.

I say why not!

The Balinese are certainly getting on with life as normal, so why shouldn’t expats and tourists.

In my Village only yesterday a procession of elaborately dressed neighbours randomly paraded past my compound.

Additionally, today Made woke up at 4am to make sate with a group of Village men.

Preparing sate is a common task and part of the offerings which is required for the complicated cremation process.

Cremation processes vary throughout the Island, depending on which village and caste you belong to and what you can afford.

The series of ceremonies involve the panca maha butha, the five elements, is called pengabenan (Nhaben) in common Balinese.

The procession in the video below is called Nyekah, which is a process to cleanse the soul.

My village neighbours are heading down to the river to cleanse the soul.

Afterwards they will return to their family temple and carefully place the soul into the three chambers of the temple called Kemulan. The soul will wait in the temple chamber until it’s time for reincarnation.

Made told me according to his Mother’s stories his soul is the reincarnation of Manku Gede, that would certainly explain his continual studying and quest to read and interpret the ancient Hindu scriptures.

I was chatting to our niece Eka about the volcano, she told me a fascinating story about the Pura Besakih Temple on the slopes of Mount Agung.

The story was about the 100 year celebration called Eka Dasa Rudra, Centennial Purification of the Universe, which took place in 1963 just before the eruption of Mount Agung. The ceremony is to restore harmony.

After the eruption in 1963 there seemed to be a debate about whether the correct date was chosen because the eruption caused the death of in excess of 1,000 people.

According to research from Fred B. Eiseman, Bali Sekala & Niskala Volume I,some say the year was wrong, that it was chosen for reasons more political than religious and god showed his wrath by bringing the lava down.

Religious leaders, however, say that to declare 1963 the wrong year questions the wisdom of the holy priest who set the date.

I asked Made his thoughts on Mount Agung’s possible eruption.  Made agrees with the theory that an eruption should happen for a cleansing and rejuvenation to take place, he describes it as the cycle of the Volcano.

Both Made and myself are praying to the Gods for wisdom in the wake of an eruption.

We are praying for faith, to believe what will happen is meant to be for the greater good of our Paradise Island and for the world.

Eka showed me a facebook post which was certainly enchanting, Mangku Bon had hiked to the top of Mount Agung seeking answers.

His facebook post simply asked that people share his photograph and pass on the message that what he was seeking was not found.

Made, Eka and myself started chatting about the adventurous Mangku,

Made was quick to respond,

“See, I told you I wanted to climb the mountain to find out”.

Made had been urging me to go with him and climb Mount Agung, I pleaded with him not to go, I am glad I won that argument.

He was happy when we arrived at a Warung in our Village and on the front page of the Bali Post, 30th September, 2017 was Mangku Bon.

Mangku Bon’s only request on his facebook post was missing from the Bali Post report,

“I wanted to climb Mount Agung to find out when Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva would walk, in other words when will he erupt?, I didn’t find the answer to that question at the top of the mountain”.

I woke up this morning and checked Mangku’s post, I was delighted to see that he has already had 4.8K views and 23.5K shares. I noticed comments like,

“Thank you for sharing, I feel at peace, this post makes me calm down”

Mangku Mokoh

Mangku Bon climbed to the top of Mount Agung to see what he could find.  His message to the world  is that he can’t answer the question when Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva will walk (when the volcano will erupt)

I must add though that anyone in Bali who may be reading my blog, and considering climbing the Big Fella……DONT DO IT, we are still on level 4 orange alert.

My own Journey over the past week has been one of an emotional roller coaster, however I now feel at peace.

We must have faith that what ever is meant to happen is God’s will.

Blessings always

Sharon x


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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Live stream

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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Blog 6

The weather here on the Island of the Gods has been idyllic the last few days, it’s hard to believe our majestic giant is causing so much attention.

I had a chuckle this morning when a local posted a status on his facebook,

This is why you shouldn’t believe anything u read on the fucked up internet!

I’m currently looking at the volcano and Jack shit has happened it’s still the sleeping monster it has always been #fuckfakenews!

I totally get this, my friend from Torquay sent me a message yesterday advising me that Mount Agung will erupt within a few hours, according to some reports in Australia.

Some reports though have been great, like the one written by Matt Davies from titled,

Indonesia ready to divert tourists as Bali volcano rumbles

Matt quoted a line from my blog and linked me into his report,

“Hands up who else on the Island feels anxious”

Needless to say I have taken my husband’s carefree advice and relaxed.

“Kehendak alam, what ever will be will be”

I feel extremely proud of the community here on the Island and the outstanding coordination from all levels of government, as detailed in today’s Jakarta Post,

“In an impressive show of solidarity, communities and individuals have banded together to provide assistance for evacuees who have had to escape the rumbling Mount Agung in Bali”

We decided to spend our wedding anniversary today at our favourite small Warung beachside in Sanur on a perfect day in Paradise.

In between eating, swimming and sun baking I was researching information about Volcanos and Mount Agung.  I had with me an old fashioned reference, a book.


Perfect today at Sanur Beach

Bali Sekala & Niskala Volume II by Fred B. Eiseman, JR, is a comprehensive resource on all things Bali. I didn’t have to search far, as the first Chapter is titled,

Island of Bali, Volcanoes, Monsoons, and Tides

Eiseman details fascinating data about the history of our Big Fella’s eruptions, including the benefits to the land after an eruption.

With my knew found interest in finding out more about Volcanoes, Monsoons, and Tides, I asked Froggy who has been a Surfer and Ocean man in Sunur for 30 years.


Froggy started surfing when he was 10 years old. 

The short answer from Froggy was NO. There has been no change in the tides what’s so ever over the last week.

Everyone wants so know if and when the Big Fella will roar?

You can furiously ask google for the answer to that question, however our Paradise Island has it’s own schedule,

Only our Balinese Hindu Gods know that answer to that question.

Blessings in love and solidarity,

Sharon x

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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Live stream

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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Live stream 2


It’s been a long day.

It’s 9.30pm here in our Village, I feel weird, the only word that comes to mind about how I am feeling and the atmosphere in Bali is eerie.

My husband and family members in our Village compound are going about their every day lives with an acceptance.

That’s just what they do… they accept what will be, without what seems like too much worry at all?

Today I have been feeling every emotion, I would say a feeling of anxiety is at the top of my list.

I feel empathy and sadness for the locals from Karangasem, who have been evacuated from their homes, away from their temples and animals and who are now refugees in their own Country.

It seems the number of people are in the vicinity of 10,000 and increasing by the hour.

Volunteers have banded together co-ordinating the delivery of essential supplies and collecting donations.

More information can be found on Kopernick’s website who have set up a fund, MOUNT AGUNG EMERGENCY RESPONSE.

It’s interesting to be an Aussie chick married to a Balinese man right at the moment.

I am in mini breakdown mode, planning, stocking the cupboards, buying masks and everything else I have been reading about that is necessary when facing an impending Volcanic Eruption.

Made is just going along his merry way without a care in the world.

Tonight we decided to take a ride to the rice fields where the local farmer told us this morning where we would see Mount Agung in all his glory if he erupted.

All was quiet, eerie, not even a star in the sky.

Until my next update,

Take care and

Blessings always

Sharon xx


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Oprah #anoprahmustreadstory

So much has happened since I posted this letter to Oprah in November last year.

Sharon Karyasa

Dear Oprah,

I guess the best way to write you a letter would be to put out a letter onto my blog and then pray you will read it.

I met a lovely man today in Ubud, Bali where I live who suggested I write you an open letter on my blog with a hashtag #anoprahmustreadstory.

Since my earliest memories I have heard voices and seen signs, since my earliest memories I have felt the need to rebel against constraints to live according to other people’s conventional expectations.

Todays meeting with this lovely man was a sign for me to write you a letter.

Oprah, I have written my memoir, which is recounted by my alter-ego Scarlett, my life has been five decades of adventure, intrigue, devastation, survival and miracles.

Oprah, this is a true story, this my story. My pray is for you to read my memoir, as…

View original post 373 more words

Game of Thrones in Bali

Made and myself have being heading into Ubud Central on a Monday night for that last three seasons of Game of Thrones.

How incredible that a local theatre streams the latest episode for addicted fans like ourselves, this week’s episode was s7e5 Eastwatch. 

It’s interesting to note that over that past three seasons the number of fans have increased significantly as we congregate together in a super cool space.

These days we need to arrive one hour early to secure a good seat. Where on earth do these people come from? Actually it was a question directed to me by two young British tourists sitting next to us this week. I answered as best to my knowledge,

“I believe we have a mixture of local expats and tourists from all over the world, of all ages. It seems the word is getting out, we will have to arrive one and half hours earlier next week”.

Of course this week’s episode was fabulous, was it just me or is the story line of the cult phenomena getting better?

I asked my son what he thought, James is a dedicated fan and listens to podcasts and discussions about the series and in my opinion is an expert on GOT.

James agreed with my thoughts about this week’s episode and was enthusiastic about how much he enjoyed it.

On reflection and searching the net for a run down I came up with my own conclusion. I sat back and thought about why on earth the GOT is so addictive.


Made and myself at the screening of Game of Thrones in Ubud

Maybe it’s the uncertain times we live in? World leaders appear to be weirder than the fictional characters on the GOT.

Maybe it’s world citizens yearning for simplicity? A fantasy world where our leaders are kind, strong, noble, honest, sincere and of course have the best interests of their people at heart.

Maybe it’s me, being lost in a fantasy world that good will defeat evil.

My mind can’t stop wondering back to the ancient spellbinding Balinese Hindu ceremonies that I participated in only last week.

A spectacular spiritual event which involved Made’s cousin and his wife being initiated as Sulinggih (High Priest and High Priestess).

The epic event left me feeling as though I was living in ancient times. Just like being in an episode of GOT, okay okay, I do sometimes let my imagination take over my sensibilities…

It is truly astonishing though that these ancient Balinese Hindu rituals continue in todays age, what I was intimately involved in.

I will carefully document through my own perception with the collaboration of Made’s scholarly knowledge about an extremely complicated process.

Getting back to Eastwatch and my contemplation at the end of the episode was that I was left with a feeling of hope.

A band of seven heroes who have been enemies in the past seasons, where given a get out of free jail card, with a spirit of comradery to defeat the terrorists.

To venture beyond the wall, a united force to face the terrorist zombies, to oblivorate The Walking Dead.

To victoriously defeat the undefeatable, additionally taking out the evil Queen along the way.

As I scan through the international news television channels streaming from all over the world this morning in Bali, before sitting at my desk to write this blog, I feel slightly off balance.

Before me flicking across the screen are images of Presidents appearing to look like evil Hollywood caricatures.

I turn on my computer and start to type.

Just like the packed house full of International citizens in Ubud on Monday evening…

I live in hope.

Blessings always

Sharon x




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Am I the Odd One Out

Am I the odd one out?

Do they judge me?

Do they laugh at me?

Do they gossip about me?

Do they abandon me because I’m a different colour?

Do they disown me because my mind gets confused?

Do they shun me because I wasn’t born in their Country?

Do they laugh about me because my retention of their language is blocked?



Village life equates to many many temple ceremonies.  We visit our family and give offerings to the Gods. We then pray to our ancestors. Gratitude is the key to continual harmony in our Communities.

I am accepted as a community member without judgement.

Love and gratitude to our ancestors is the answer to freedom, after all ….

We are one 🙏

Blessings always

Sharon x

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Balinese Magic

I was intimately involved in the process of our cousins becoming Sulinggih (priests)

I have woken this morning and feel different, like a dream, better than a pleasant dream.

I will write about this life changing phenomenon.

I feel privileged that as a writer, I will document the historical significance of last night.

I feel honoured and so very proud of my family, particularly my husband Made and myself for being servants to both the seen and unseen worlds. A rebirth…..literally.

To participate in the celebration of my home Village Sangeh’s newest High Priest and High Priestess.

Ida Pandita Mpu Siwa Daksa Natha Parama Sadhu at Gria Agung Lingua Busan Pemacekan Sangeh

Om Santi Santi Santi Om

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