I am super proud to be acknowledged for my work in my beloved Bali, today May 23, 2018 in the Bali Advertiser.

Thank you to Bill Dalton for taking the time to report and highlight the importance of keeping up the discussion about the sensitive issue of Domestic Violence.

The conversation must continue.

I believe in signs.

How incredible that my grandfathers name was William Dalton Rowlands (Bill Dalton) the same name as our respected Author and Journalist who also wrote a feature article about my work last year in the Jakarta Post.

My sincere gratitude to both Bill’s.

Sharon Karyasa © 2018

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A New Day is on the horizon

I am sending you, my readers an abundance of New Years optimism. I know its late, however it’s always a good time to transmit good will. 

I am sending an affirmation to all, who will read this scribe, for every year to be superb, take a chance and enjoy your life. 

My blogging in the second half of 2017 was all about our active Volcano, Gunung Agung. I felt obliged to update my Community of readers regularly about our “Big Fella”, I became obsessed with the process of the Volcano.

Although I still keep a close eye on our “The Big Fella” I now feel calm, knowing that the activity of the eruption will follow the course of nature.

My interview with Mangku Bon  has left me feeling composed and focused on what is important.  My daily ritual of prayer and meditation continues to keeps me aligned. I believe that faith is a constant reality of truth.

I am joyful, my soul is filled with gratitude every day I wake up on this beautiful planet we all occupy.

It is my intention to inspire my readers, to seek out a positive outlook even when faced with the toughest of challenges.

I am optimistic and excited about the future for our majestic Island of the Gods, I feel blessed to be living in Bali at this time in history.

I was thrilled to be interviewed by  about my fascinating meeting with Mangku Bon, additionally the story was featured in the International Business Times.

For now I will resign from my self appointed role, which was updating my blog on the activities of Mount Agung. Check the Official site MAGMA regularly for updates.

What I would like to diarize in this blog, is my enthusiasm and excitement I feel this year.

I envisage a fresh wave of confidence for the future. Reinforced by my creative muse Oprah and her unforgettable speech at the 75th Golden Globes Award Ceremony on January 7, 2018.

A New Day is on the horizon

There are so many reasons why the 75th Golden Globes Award Ceremony was one I will never forget. My admiration for the actress and activists campaign hit close to home, my own involvement in advocating for survivors of domestic abuse has also been phenomenal.

How incredible that A list actresses Susan Sarandon, Meryl Streep and Laura Dern amongst others wore black as a sign of respect for victims and survivors of domestic violence.

The scene was dramatic, the world wide audience was made aware of the Time’s Up Campaign , an initiative which is raising money for the legal defense fund, this fund will provide support to victims of sexual harassment and assault.

The campaign also seeks inclusion, equality and parity for women and marginalized people across all industries.

A powerful moment in the show was when Reese Witherspoon accepted the Golden Globe for Big Little Lies, which won the Best Television Limited Series or Motion Picture made for Television.

In her speech Reese gave thanks to the many women who had broken their silence, she reassured the audience by saying,

“Time is up, we hear you, we see you, and we will tell your stories”

Finally Oprah was welcomed to the stage by Reese to accept The Cecil B. DeMille Award, which is an honorary Golden Globe Award bestowed by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.

I was in awe, in fact I needed to find her speech on social media to play it over and over again.

75th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Season 75

Photo Credit Variety

Oprah began her speech by talking about herself as a little girl in 1964, sitting on the linoleum floor of her mother’s house in Milwaukee, watching Anne Bancroft present the Oscar for best actor, which was awarded to Sidney Poitier at the 36th Academy Awards. She went on to talk about her Mum being bone-tired from cleaning other people’s houses.

It was incredible, the first page of my memoir starts in 1964 when my 21 year Mother was sitting on the floor with her baby girl. She was in her suburban home in Melbourne watching a small black & white television as The Beatles arrived to a frenzy of hysterical fans.

Could Oprah have read my book?

I don’t know the answer to that question yet, however what I know for sure is this. It doesn’t matter if Oprah has read my book, I now know that my heroine thinks like me. I am still dumbstruck by the similarities.

The rest of her speech was truly phenomenal, my friend Lisa Zimmer summed up my feelings perfectly when she wrote on her Instagram Post,

 Power~ Strength~ Truth~  by Lisa Zimmer 

Watching Oprah receive the Cecil B. DeMille award last night showed such poignancy to our nation, and to those watching our country.  We saw a woman with steadfast integrity, awareness and intelligence stake claim to the power of standing in truth. 
We watched as a country that currently struggles with truth and security, validate the importance of standing in integrity.
We saw that power and strength does not lie within a specific gender, but within truth.
We witnessed leadership in a woman
who silently, has mentored millions, simply by showing up in authenticity. 
She has showed us that shattering illusions created to repress aren’t just possible, but applauded, because by speaking truth, we create positive change.
We saw a leader last night, a leader for all of humanity. God bless you Oprah for all you have created in our world.

I will sign off my first blog for the year and reiterate wise words from Oprah, the beautiful soul who continues to guide me in my creative accomplishments, 

“What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have,  I want all the girls watching here now to know that a new day is on the horizon”

Blessings always,

Sharon x

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Scarlett Voices In the Shadows

Am I the Odd One Out

Am I the odd one out?

Do they judge me?

Do they laugh at me?

Do they gossip about me?

Do they abandon me because I’m a different colour?

Do they disown me because my mind gets confused?

Do they shun me because I wasn’t born in their Country?

Do they laugh about me because my retention of their language is blocked?



Village life equates to many many temple ceremonies.  We visit our family and give offerings to the Gods. We then pray to our ancestors. Gratitude is the key to continual harmony in our Communities.

I am accepted as a community member without judgement.

Love and gratitude to our ancestors is the answer to freedom, after all ….

We are one 🙏

Blessings always

Sharon x

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Why I call myself a Humanist

I want to send a big thank you and Christmas cheer to my supporters and also to my haters, seriously I have learnt so much this year on my quest to publish my memoir.

This year has given me a new perspective, it has given me the strength to keep going, I have triumphed after attempting a very tough challenge.

I have self published my memoir and created a publishing company in my mothers name called Valda Press, and distributed my book to over 50 bookshops throughout Indonesia and Australia.

In addition Scarlett Voices in the Shadows is available to print on demand through Amazon, anywhere in the world.

I have been flabbergasted what has transpired this year. I have been encouraged and supported in addition to being, shunned and  verbally threatened .

It takes a lot of guts to speak your truth. It takes a lot of guts to bear your soul as I have done in my memoir Scarlett Voices in the Shadows.

My mission is not yet complete, my vision for Scarlett is to be read by the masses globally.

In my heart of hearts I know my story is an inspirational one, I know my story will help the lives of many.  In my heart of hearts I know my writing is the gift I have been given to share.

I was delighted when I received a review from a reader about how she describes the reaction from an elderly women who is bedridden,

My daughter works in Aged care and cares for a 96 year old lady who is blind and sadly now bedridden. My daughter took Scarlett to work with her and has been reading to her client. She is absolutely loving hearing about your travels (she traveled in her early days)

As she put her to bed for the night she would ask “what country are we in tonight” – she really thought she had been on the travels with you, so obviously she could visualise the places because you had described them so beautifully.

My story is for both men and women. I have received emails and phone calls from my readers telling me that my story has touched them emotionally. My memoir is easy to read, below is just one of many reviews I have received,

I don’t read many books, but this one I loved as could not put it down….wanting to know what happened next in this inspiring women’s life. I wanted to be on her adventure some of the time……some of the time not, as she endured a lot of heartache and sadness. What she did for domestic violence sufferers was amazing…changing their lives for the better. This truly was a ‘good read’. Cant wait for her next book!

During the process of writing my memoir and publishing by book I have come to the realization that I am not a man hater, I am in fact a man lover.

I respect men. I admire men. I love their masculinity and I love their femininity.

During my journey this year I have changed my preconceived opinion that most Australian men over the age of 30 are chauvinist pig’s, I was wrong.

It was the men this year who helped me on my quest to publish Scarlett Voices in the Shadows. It was the men who supported me, and not for sexual reasons.

These men supported me because of my achievement, my skill, my tenacity my perseverance and most importantly because of my writing ability.


I feel as though it’s time to unite, for both men and women to come together without discrimination, I guess that’s why I call myself a humanist.

That is my truth, I will continue to speak my truth.

I am sending a heart filled shout out from Bali to follow your dreams and reach for what ever you want.

Blessings always,

Sharon x