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repost from July, 2018

My bff Kerry is always there for me, ready to correct my typos and grammatical errors, especially those dreaded apostrophes.

It’s hard to believe its July already, it’s absolutely true what my Mother use to say to me,

“Don’t wish your life away Sharon, before you know it you are old”

Why does time seem to move at a faster pace the older you get? I don’t know the answer to that question, what I do know is that we must not waste a second of every day.

I often reflect on her wise words, my beautiful Mum died at only 51 years young and now that I have surpassed her age I would like to think about my life with a zest for making the most of every day. 

“Live your life every day with purpose, be excited, laugh, don’t waste a second of living your best life”

Okay the last few words I have taken from my muse Oprah, one of my favourite quotes by Oprah is to simply,

“Live your best life

I recommend getting yourself a copy of a beautiful hard cover book titled Live Your Best Life: A Treasury of Wisdom, Wit, Advice, Interviews, and Inspiration from O, The Oprah Magazine.

Speaking of Oprah, I must share my exciting news, Kerry and myself are cruising with Oprah, Gayle and the Oprah Magazine staff in January on Holland America Line’s newest ship the Nieuw Statendam from Fort Lauderdale, Florida cruising the Bahamas.

Oprah Winfrey has been given the title of The Godmother of the Nieuw Statendam.


Oprah Winfrey has been given the title of The Godmother of  Holland America Line’s newest ship the Nieuw Statendam

I promise to fill you in more as we get closer to our departure.

What I can tell you for now is that divine timing was our gift to secure our precious tickets as The Oprah Magazine Girls Getaway Cruise was sold out in less than 24 hours.

Christine Potter Mulhearne who is The Oprah Magazine’s Style Director and blogger of Style me Sassy excitedly announced on her Instagram story that The Oprah Magazine Girls Getaway Cruise sold out in less that 24 hours and that they had broken the Internet.


This blog is dedicated to my bff Kerry Rundell, my real life Gayle King

In other news I am super proud to share with you I have been commissioned this year by The Bali Advertiser, Bali & Beyond Magazine the Jakarta Post  and as a contributor for their publications.

My dream has manifested into a reality and I have become a Journalist.

Additionally I have been featured in the Siapa section of the Bali Advertiser, it is vital that we must keep up a conversation about the global catastrophe of domestic violence.

My interview with Bill Dalton highlights my passion for speaking our truth, to advocate for a peaceful world where violence is just a bad memory, we need to tell our stories to rally against any form of violence and hatred.

I will continue to write thought provoking content, my desire is to occupy a world where we can live in harmony, a world where we can live side by side without prejudice, without bigotry, without racism or bias about a person’s sexual orientation.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blogs.

Blessing always

Sharon x

Sharon Karyasa © 2018

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Chasing Temples

Last week Made and myself have been chasing ancestral temples around the Island of The Gods here in Bali.  

We climbed a mountain (1,175 metres above sea level) trekked, prayed, were blessed, swam, laughed and loved.

Made’s thirst for seeking the ancient Balinese Hindu ancestral traditions have blown my mind.

My new book about Bali will be a real eye opener, even for the Balinese.

The journey turned out to be a spellbinding spiritual quest, at one point we arrived at an ancient temple on the top of a mountain and I was left alone while Made went searching for a priest to unlock the gate.

I couldn’t help but recall the first time I encountered spirits when I was only twelve years old.


The journey turned out to be a spellbinding spiritual quest, at one point we arrived at an ancient temple on the top of a mountain and I was left alone while Made went searching for a priest to unlock the gate.

Excerpt Scarlett Voices In the Shadows, Chapter 4, Flow of Change

Something very strange and unnerving happened on that summer holiday. It was a rainy afternoon and one of my cousins announced it was time to play a game. There were five of my cousins of various ages huddled around the small caravan table. As my cousin placed the strange-looking board on the table, I began to feel anxious. I couldn’t explain the feeling; however, I felt an overwhelming sense of fear.

The ouija board was shouting at me. The board consisted of marked letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0–9, the words ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘goodbye’. My cousin Eric picked up an empty glass placed it on the table and instructed us all to hold hands. He then picked up the empty glass and asked the spirits to fill the glass. It was at this point that I felt like letting go and running as fast as I could.

I was horrified, terrified and overwhelmed with a sense of dread. Just as I was about to run, Eric instructed us to place our forefinger on the glass. At that moment the glass started moving violently towards the letters. I couldn’t believe the force with which the glass was moving. I couldn’t believe how my arm had no control of its own; my finger felt glued to the glass.

Eric was surprised as he had used the board previously and had never seen this happen before. He was also frightened. When he finally spoke, he asked the board a simple question, ‘Is someone there?’

The glass moved with a force of its own violently to the word ‘yes’.

I knew at that moment, as I knew I was breathing, that there was a spirit in the glass. I also knew that it felt completely wrong. We carried on during the next hour asking questions of the ouija board. The entire time, I felt an overwhelming dread. This was my first encounter with a dark spirit, a frightening introduction to the world of spirits.

I felt so scared that night that I confided to Mum what had happened. She was horrified and told me never to play the game again as it was very dangerous. When I pressed her for an explanation, Mum didn’t answer my question, she just danced her words in a confusing manner.

Later, I overheard a conversation Mum had with her best friend Aunty Pen on the pay phone near the camp kiosk. Mum explained how upset she was about the incident with the ouija board and how surprised she was that my aunt and uncle had allowed their children access to such a dangerous game.

Blessings always

Sharon x

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