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Where do I start? Firstly I want to say hello and thank you to anyone out there in this connected world we all occupy. I am thrilled that you have taken time to read my blog. I find the name blog interesting.

I was curious why it’s called a blog? So of course I asked google. Then I asked Wikipedia, I was inundated with information.

I felt overloaded about the reasons why it was so important to have a blog so I clicked off Wikipedia and resumed my blog, oops sorry blurb.

I would prefer to tell you guys the reasons why I created my blog today. I will be honest, the reason I started my blog is because I want to be taken seriously as an Author.

I have been writing all of my life and now that I have completed my memoir, I would love to share it. It seems however, to be far more complicated than just saying,

Right then, I have written my memoir titled Scarlett Voices in the Shadows, now I want to have it printed with an intriguing front cover. Then I want to pick out a gorgeous outfit and look serious while I swan around the world. I will do readings at chic bookshops, followed by book signings with my posh pen”.

I actually feel as though I am channeling Carrie Bradshaw as my fingers are tap, tap, tapping now, and then I remember I am not single and sitting in a cool apartment in New York. I am married and sitting in my cool apartment in a Balinese family compound.

Interestingly I have started my writing career in the second part of my life, I will use this blog, as a marketing tool. I will write stories and share wisdom through this fabulous medium to connect with whoever is interested and possibly a potential publisher or agent who will google my name.

I have so many stories I would love to share with you. I make a solemn promise to do my utmost to entertain and share interesting tales. I love that there is a place to leave comments, I do love a chat.

I envisage my blog as a place we can share inspirational stories. I have met so many incredible people. Blog seems an ideal space to share those tales. Wow, now I have named it, it’s no longer my blog is just blog.

Updated July 2018

So much has evolved since I commenced my blog.  Needless to say I self published my extraordinary memoir in October 2016 in Melbourne and launched it at the ASU Delegates Conference to an crowd of over 300 people.

In December of that same year I republished Scarlett Voices in the Shadows in Indonesia, she is now distributed in 47 bookshops throughout the archipelago of Indonesia.

Additionally you can order on print on demand and kindle through Amazon worldwide.

A full list of stockists is listed on this website.

I have been formally recognised by the Surf Coast Shire in Victoria, Australia for instigating the first Family and Domestic Violence Clause leave in the world and have been featured as PEOPLE in the Jakata Post on 17 July 2017

profile1My exclusive interview with Mangku Bon who I named The Gatekeeper of Mount Agung resulted in my story being published worldwide.

I was recently  featured in the Siapa section of The Bali Advertisier.

I have enjoyed the success of being commissioned as a Contributor for the prestigious Bali & Beyond Magazine and theBali Advertiser.

My proudest moment though was when a story I wrote titled Off The Beaten Track in Central Sulawesi that was featured in The Jakarta Post on July 4, 2018.

My story gives me hope for a future world, a world where we can live in harmony,  a world where we can live side by side without prejudice, without bigotry, without racism or bias about a person’s sexual orientation.

This story gives me hope that we can live in a world where a person’s individual religion, race and colour is tolerated without judgement.  Faith for a brave new world, a world where LOVE and COMPASSION is our yard stick.

More recently I have been published as a freelance Journalist for news.com.au as a follow up story about Mangku Bon, who lost his home due to an earthquake on our Island home.

My fantastical journey continues daily, I do try my best to keep you updated on my exploits.  I love hearing from my readers skaryasa@sharonkaryasa.com.

Okay then, that’s it for the introduction. A big kiss and hug for now.

Blessings always

Sharon x


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