It has been two months since I have returned to my husband and baby daughter in Bali.  

Being apart from them in Australia for five months was heart wrenching, however my focus was on completing my chemotherapy treatment as a weapon to combat the spread of the beast.  

Three out of eleven lymph nodes had been diagnosed as cancerous after my radical mastectomy in Bali.

I had good news when I arrived in Australia as a PET scan revealed no signs that the Cancer had spread throughout my body.

Chemotherapy treatment was prescribed to attack any possibility of remaining microscopic Cancer.

My mind set stayed strong , although I had moments of weakness. I had no choice, I was attacking the beast, my mission was to slay the ugly intruder.

I am immensely grateful that I made it back to Bali safely.

Our family is truly humbled and overwhelmed by the generosity of friends and anonymous contributors to our GofundMe page. The money raised paid for my flight and accommodation costs for mandatory quarantine.

After two months with my love ones, I am starting to feel like my old self.

The side effects after chemo did not agree with me. My husband Made has been making natural medicine and looks after my body by performing therapeutic Balinese massage. I am lucky that Made has been gifted healing magic by his father who was the Village medicine man.

I decided to shave my head at a local barber shop as the regrowth of my hair was thin and patchy. In my eyes I resembled Uncle Fester from the Adams Family TV series.

The local barber thought Made was joking about his wife wanting a clean shaved head. The barber took it in his stride, in true Balinese style he was on a mission to help revive my hair after learning I had been sick.

After three visits to the barber I am thrilled that my locks are beginning to grow back a thick texture and a lovely shade of dark brown. Well worth 80 cents a visit.

Financially we are struggling due to the demise of tourism in Bali over the past two years because of Covid19.

We are planning to relocate in Australia, however the red tape and logistics to make this happen is challenging.

I continue to pray everyday for a smooth transition to begin a new life in Melbourne. In the meantime we are living a simple, blissfully happy life, surviving day to day in a bubble of love.

I pray that love, health, abundance and strength will radiate for you and for your family, friends and strangers as we transition into the year 2022.

Sharon, Made and Lucia Karyasa

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