Kindness is the best weapon #slaythebeast

I am sure it has happened to you.

You awake from a deep sleep and check the time. It’s 3am.

My digital clock brightly displays the numbers 3.13am. I decide not battle the inevitable, there is was no way I will fall back to sleep.

One of the side effects from chemotherapy can be experiencing sleep irregularities. I am not worried about my disrupted sleep patterns.

I have read that as many as half of patients having chemotherapy treatment are more likely to have insomnia or abnormal sleep-wake cycles.

Have you ever googled 3am? Wikipedia describes 3am as Witching Hour.

3 A.M., sometimes referred to as the witching hour, is a point in time of the 12-hour clock which corresponds to 0300 in the 24-hour clock.

I smile to myself remembering my Mum calling 3am The Witching Hour, when I would stumble home at 3am after a night out partying when I was a teenager.

I decide not to waste time.

I log onto my computer and cannot believe what I am reading. A friend had convinced me to set up a GoFundMe Page because of the extraordinary circumstances our family are experiencing.

The cold hard facts are that I am battling the beast in one Country and my husband and daughter are in another Country and it’s costly.

The fall out from Covid-19 has ceased all income due to Bali being shut for tourism.

I was overwhelmed to read that the tally was over $1,500.00 in just 24 hours.

My heart rate started to beat faster, this time in a good way. My weapons were sharpening at a fast pace.

The most powerful suit of armor for me is undoubtedly kindness and gratitude.

This tangible sign of love from family, friends and strangers reinforced my faith and my determination.

A further sign to persevere and to continue preventative chemotherapy treatment as prescribed by my oncologist.

I slip on my wig, put on my make up, high boots and warm winter coat. I grab my bag of sharpened weapons and I am ready for war.

I stride purposefully out to the battlefield and into the trenches.

Thank you to my dear readers and contributors, bless you always in these challenging days we are all enduring.

Sharon xo

If you want to read more about our story or wish to contribute head over to our GoFundMe page link below

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