Slay the beast

The enemy often sneaks up from behind. 

Just when you start to rest the beast attacks. 

I knew it was coming, however, my mind works in collaboration with my shadows voices and had somehow twisted the inevitable.

It only took me a moment though to reach for my sword.

I am war ready.


If the beast thinks it will crush me, it can think again.  My weapons are razor sharp and I have a few tricks of my own.

I am a patient of the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, in Victoria, Australia

I am receiving what I believe to be the best care in the world. 

The state of the art building boasts a world class Cancer research Centre, the best doctors and nurses, the best drugs, equipment and most importantly in my case the best mental health team.   

When the chunks of hair started coming out in my brush, I gasped, although I was mentally prepared it was still a surprise.  After the initial shock I laughed out loud. 

The beast thought it could attack my calm state of mind, the ugly intruder had underestimated me though.

I was excited, it was time to execute my plan and kick it in the guts.

It happened on a Friday and I had taken the weekend to process my next phase of womanhood. 

My sister Amanda and myself had formulated a plan.  It is handy that she is a hairdresser and has life experience dealing with women and men who have alopecia.

By Sunday the chunks were becoming bigger and I was shedding everywhere.  My oncologist had given me a choice to wear a scalp cooling hat during chemotherapy to reduce the hair loss.  That was something I didn’t consider. 

In a bath full of bubbles I soaked for a long time, the music was roaring in the background as I took my razor and shaved every follicle of hair from my body.

I had decided that the entire hair experience was going to be a fun adventure in fashion.  I had already bought a gorgeous blonde wig in preparation.

My beautiful sister was more anxious than me as we sat in front of the mirror and began to execute our plan on Monday morning.

She finally relaxed and we started laughing uncontrollably as she started to

“Chop, chop, chop”

When we were children she had attacked my dolls with the scissors, I was so upset with her at the time.  This time I gave her full artistic power to create as many different hairstyles as she liked. 

Amanda created a sleek bob, a rapper hairdo with a long fringe and an executive spike hair cut.

The final result was better than I had visualized.

Move over Demi More, I love my GI Jane shaved head.

 I am a warrior.