I am dyslexic and relieved

Yesterday I was unofficially diagnosed as dyslexic.

A guest who is staying at Tri Sandhya Villa told me she use to teach students with dyslexia.

Today, I read an article outlining 37 signs, 37 tests for people who had been diagnosed with dyslexia. I ticked almost every test.

I am crying as I type.

I have a mean cousin who use to laugh at me because I was a terrible speller.

Some of my family think I am crazy, and have disowned me, as I see things differently than most people.

Just now, I met at tourist in a Café in Ubud who I asked if I spoke Indonesian well? Assuming I must be able to, as I have lived in Bali for six years.

I replied,

“No, I do not know how to speak Indonesian, I am dyslexic”

I feel proud of what I have accomplished to this point in my life.

Today I feel excited to be in the company of the great Agatha Christie, although she is believed to have been diagnosed with dysgraphia, dyslexia seems like a very close cousin.

Agatha Christie is the best-selling author of all time, with about four billion copies sold and translations into at least 103 languages.

She is best known for her detective novels and short story collections

But at the same time, she couldn’t even balance her own checkbook due to her learning disability, believed to be dysgraphia.

She had a hard time spelling correctly, as a self proclaimed “extraordinarily bad speller” and was not good about remembering numbers, but her learning disability did not hold her back.

Screen Shot 2019-09-14 at 19.17.09

Portrait of Agatha Christie
(Credit: Mondadori Portfolio/Getty Images)

How incredible!

Our lovely guest has been a gift sent from the Gods, she also happens to be an editor.

I wonder what will happen tomorrow?

Sharon Karyasa ©2019

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