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Repost from June, 2017

Okay so I am married to a Balinese man.

I live in a Balinese family compound, I live a blessed life. That is true, however my true fascination with Bali started long before I met Made.

How do I even begin to write a short article about my obsession with Bali.

Yes I have written about Bali in my memoir Scarlett Voices in the Shadows, although I have just skimmed the surface about my insatiable craving for this incredible Island.

I guess the best way to sum up my feelings at this point as I tip tap on the keyboard is to attempt writing a short fascinating, entertaining scribe about my feelings and Bali.  Although only one word sums it up:

“Niskala” the Balinese word for Unseen

Let me put it another way.  There is NO word. The addiction I have for Bali is unexplainable.   Off the top of my head here are a few examples that kind of gives you a picture.

Bali creates a feeling

Bali creates a knowing

Bali creates magic

Bali creates mystery

Bali creates fascination

This morning I felt elated after my morning walk, the natural beauty of my surrounds, the infectious smiles of the farmers in the rice field and the workers at the monkey forest.

I felt elated after witnessing what we thought were wolves in the forest.  I felt elated by the musical sounds coming from the monkeys, who were obviously as happy as we were.

I felt elated by the miraculous spectacle of Mount Agung as it was waking up, the sun rising above its vast splendor, luminating its all powerful presence.

I was going to write this blog about some of the Villagers, the farmers, or the characters we meet and talk to everyday.

I was going to write this blog about some of my experiences living amongst the many layers of my Niskala community.

I couldn’t decide, the task was too difficult.  I believe a much better idea would be if I commenced my next book about my extraordinary life living in Bali.

So I will wind up this little scribe with a short poem I wrote on Instagram after we returned home this morning.

We live in a world of magic and wonder

My affirmation this day and everyday is for love, nature and kindness to win

Its time to unite

We must dismiss fear, hatred, anger and violence


My life has taken on a different type of rhythm since returning from Hollywood.

Only the Gods, Goddesses and my universal spiritual guides will know where my next chapter will steer me.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Blessings always

Sharon x


Sharon Karyasa © 2017

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Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT level 3 _aerobics and jiggling chandeliers

Most mornings I crawl out of my bed at around 5.30am and walk our dogs with Made.

Some mornings I give it a miss, I justify this to myself believing that last night’s vigorous aerobic work out was enough exercise.

I was sipping my coffee, flicking through the international news on my television when the shaking started.

The quake shook my tiny house, the chandelier jiggled, the windows rattled. I was thinking,

“Wow this quake is big, maybe I should go outside?”

By the time I crawled out of bed and walked onto my balcony it had stopped.

I looked at my family who were attending to their normal activities making offerings.

They looked at me and said,

“Linuh … (pronounced linoo) the Balinese word for Earthquake”.

By the time Made returned I had scanned social media to ascertain what had just happened.

PGR 3 Bali:
An earthquake occurred with the following parameters:
Strength 5.0 SR
Date 09-Nov-17
Earthquake Time 04:54:18 WIB – Jakarta Time
Latitude 8.26 LS
Longitude 115.57 ET
Depth 10 Km
Bali Region, Indonesia
11 km northeast of KARANGASEM-BALI
30 km northeast of BANGLI-BALI
40 km northeast of GIANYAR-BALI
60 km northeast of DENPASAR-BALI
999 km southeast JAKARTA-INDONESIA
This earthquake did not trigger a tsunami

I’m not about to go into technical language as I am not an expert.

In an article written by, according to PVMBG Devy Kamil Syahbanam who is the Head of Mega Monitoring Division of Eastern Volcano, Devy advices that,

“ Gunung Agung has not been completed yet, there is still a lot of energy,”

Please follow the link to MAGMA Indonesia who are doing a fabulous job keeping us updated daily.

Mount Agung is still on Level 3 Alert, today’s movement may result in a new wave of sensationalism about what will happen next, or maybe not?

The “Big Fella” is consistent in keeping us bewildered.

I look back on my initial blogs and laugh. Life is exciting, I have embraced the Balinese philosophy,

Kehendak alam (the will of nature)

It’s really silly, however the Doris Day song Que Sera Sera comes to mind,

Que sera, sera

Whatever will be, will be

The future’s not ours to see

Que sera, sera

What will be, will be

Life is still the same here in Bali.

I am writing, advertising our gorgeous Villa and enjoying the quiet time here in Paradise.

I am also spending a considerable amount of my time advocating through social media.

I am bewildered about the horrendous situation that is unfolding on Manus Island where 600 men are starving because of a political nightmare, in regards to their human right to  seek asylum as described in a article written by the New York Times.

I have been following the progress of the refugees for years, admiring the humanitarian work by the not for profit organisation, ASRC, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre .

I feel an overwhelming sadness at the unfathomable circumstances that can be allowed to transpire in today’s age.
I wholeheartedly agree with Russell Crowe,



Made is busy preparing for Kuningan on Saturday in addition to hosting two guests from Western Australia who have booked a spiritual tour tomorrow.

It really is a fabulous time to be here in Bali, there is always something extraordinary happening.


There is always something extraordinary happening in Bali. Photo credit Greg Newman

Please send me an email or check my twitter updates if you have any questions.

Blessings always

Sharon x


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