Bali – Mount Agung VOLCANO ALERT…. Blog 7_ Football, Holy men and a Volcano

Although over 130,000 plus people have been evacuated from their homes here in Bali, life must go on.

We are all doing our best here on the Island, I refuse to get into negative speak, if I see anything scathing or judgmental online, I will hit delete without a second thought.

I am being asked the same question daily, should I come to Bali?

Is it safe to come to Bali?

Tell me Sharon, should I come to Bali?

I refuse to answer that question. That’s not my call, that’s up to you.

It’s all about balance.

I feel a strong connection to the Hindu deity Lord Ganesha, I pray to this wise guy when I am feeling confused.

Lord Ganesha is the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati and is known as the The Lord of Obstacles, The Lord of Beginnings, The Lord of Prosperity, you can google him if you are interested.

I find peace in Lord Ganesha’s wisdom, you will find a statue of him welcoming you into almost every family compound and business on our Island.

Visit Indonesia Tourism has assured visitors that Bali is open for business as usual.

Rick Loxton from Finn’s Bali reiterated Indonesia Tourisms response by opening up his impressive doors today free to non-members for the Australian football league grand final.

Made and myself wanted to expose our nieces to a small slice of Australia without leaving Bali.

I was blown away by the facilities, the size of the film screen was impressive to say the least and the affluent Australian expats and tourists of Canggu society filled the lawn area.

The atmosphere reminded me of being at the Melbourne races or at an open air music festival.

A massive romantic marquee with tables set up, staff made sure the happy footy fans glasses were refilled with a never ending flow of champagne and beer.

When the congregation of Aussies stood up and sang the Australian national anthem, goose bumps radiated throughout my body.

I was thrilled when Richmond, a traditional Melbourne team took home the cup.

The local expatriates and tourists didn’t seem to have a care in the world.

It was interesting, although I did wonder how many people had packed face masks, goggles and ear plugs in their handbags?

Maybe you are wondering how a group of wealthy Australians could be enjoying a fun day out when over 130,000 people are in camps all over the Island.

I say why not!

The Balinese are certainly getting on with life as normal, so why shouldn’t expats and tourists.

In my Village only yesterday a procession of elaborately dressed neighbours randomly paraded past my compound.

Additionally, today Made woke up at 4am to make sate with a group of Village men.

Preparing sate is a common task and part of the offerings which is required for the complicated cremation process.

Cremation processes vary throughout the Island, depending on which village and caste you belong to and what you can afford.

The series of ceremonies involve the panca maha butha, the five elements, is called pengabenan (Nhaben) in common Balinese.

The procession in the video below is called Nyekah, which is a process to cleanse the soul.

My village neighbours are heading down to the river to cleanse the soul.

Afterwards they will return to their family temple and carefully place the soul into the three chambers of the temple called Kemulan. The soul will wait in the temple chamber until it’s time for reincarnation.

Made told me according to his Mother’s stories his soul is the reincarnation of Manku Gede, that would certainly explain his continual studying and quest to read and interpret the ancient Hindu scriptures.

I was chatting to our niece Eka about the volcano, she told me a fascinating story about the Pura Besakih Temple on the slopes of Mount Agung.

The story was about the 100 year celebration called Eka Dasa Rudra, Centennial Purification of the Universe, which took place in 1963 just before the eruption of Mount Agung. The ceremony is to restore harmony.

After the eruption in 1963 there seemed to be a debate about whether the correct date was chosen because the eruption caused the death of in excess of 1,000 people.

According to research from Fred B. Eiseman, Bali Sekala & Niskala Volume I,some say the year was wrong, that it was chosen for reasons more political than religious and god showed his wrath by bringing the lava down.

Religious leaders, however, say that to declare 1963 the wrong year questions the wisdom of the holy priest who set the date.

I asked Made his thoughts on Mount Agung’s possible eruption.  Made agrees with the theory that an eruption should happen for a cleansing and rejuvenation to take place, he describes it as the cycle of the Volcano.

Both Made and myself are praying to the Gods for wisdom in the wake of an eruption.

We are praying for faith, to believe what will happen is meant to be for the greater good of our Paradise Island and for the world.

Eka showed me a facebook post which was certainly enchanting, Mangku Bon had hiked to the top of Mount Agung seeking answers.

His facebook post simply asked that people share his photograph and pass on the message that what he was seeking was not found.

Made, Eka and myself started chatting about the adventurous Mangku,

Made was quick to respond,

“See, I told you I wanted to climb the mountain to find out”.

Made had been urging me to go with him and climb Mount Agung, I pleaded with him not to go, I am glad I won that argument.

He was happy when we arrived at a Warung in our Village and on the front page of the Bali Post, 30th September, 2017 was Mangku Bon.

Mangku Bon’s only request on his facebook post was missing from the Bali Post report,

“I wanted to climb Mount Agung to find out when Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva would walk, in other words when will he erupt?, I didn’t find the answer to that question at the top of the mountain”.

I woke up this morning and checked Mangku’s post, I was delighted to see that he has already had 4.8K views and 23.5K shares. I noticed comments like,

“Thank you for sharing, I feel at peace, this post makes me calm down”

Mangku Mokoh

Mangku Bon climbed to the top of Mount Agung to see what he could find.  His message to the world  is that he can’t answer the question when Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva will walk (when the volcano will erupt)

I must add though that anyone in Bali who may be reading my blog, and considering climbing the Big Fella……DONT DO IT, we are still on level 4 orange alert.

My own Journey over the past week has been one of an emotional roller coaster, however I now feel at peace.

We must have faith that what ever is meant to happen is God’s will.

Blessings always

Sharon x


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