Hold on to that dream

I received an email 7 days ago advising me that I would be featured in the Jakarta Post on Monday 17 July 2017. Thoughts were swirling around, too many to think about. Could this be a reality?

I was to be featured in one of the most respected national Newspapers on the planet! I would be showcased as “People”.

I tried my best to stay calm over the weekend.

I had to get on with life as normal. The problem with me though, is that I don’t really have a normal week.

This week however, I was hostess to my friend Anni.

Anni had never been to Ubud, in fact Anni had never travelled anywhere on her own.  I love the fact that Anni decided to do something different, to be adventurous and to travel independently.

After settling into a local Warung, I ordered Coconuts.


It was Anni’s first Coconut, it was a hit, she loved it.

It was heart warming sharing special moments with my friend.

I did however chew her ear off about my excitement over the article that was due to come out the following day.

I am truly sorry Anni, I do become obsessive, especially when something big is about to happen.

It’s 4.30am Monday morning, I stir.

I look at my phone and force myself to close my eyes until 5am.

I grab my phone and download the Jakarta Post. I am in shock. There I am, larger than life.

The article is perfect.

Bill Dalton got the message across beautifully. One of the main reasons I wrote my book with such honesty was to share the good, bad, crazy, funny and astonishing times in my life.. so far.woke up to this

My life to date has been one of liberation, it is now my duty, my mission is to empower women and men to pick themselves up.

Dust themselves off, then to go out and catch that dream.

Anni stayed at Tri Sandhya Villa for four days, during that time I escorted her around idyllic Ubud.

It still astounds me at times, being surrounded by such beauty, there is a reason why Barack Obama recently chose to stay at a hotel close to Tri Sandhya Villa.

You need to spend time in our location, to encompass the mysterious feeling in and around the Ubud district.

One morning we sipped coffee at a Royal Hotel, a short walk from Tri Sandhya Villa.

We sat overlooking a forest ravine, we gazed at the awe-inspiring view, soaking in the wonderland, which can only be described as a Garden of Eden.

Anni is a woman who never let go of her dreams. All her life she had fantasised about being a Kindergarten teacher. Then at the age of 54 her dream became a reality.

It took Anni 14 years to finally achieve her aspirations; she also finished up attaining a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with distinctions due to her tenacity and commitment.

Anni chatted about feeling empowered after finally achieving her degree, she also explained that she almost gave up.

But she didn’t.

Anni said she finally feels validated, she feels confident, she feels reborn.

I know how she feels.

Working hard, digging deep and focusing on the big picture is hard, bloody hard.

I know one thing for sure though. I wouldn’t change the past.

Victory is so much sweeter when you can see that light.

Okay, so it’s time to post this blog and get back to my next project, which will be writing my next book about my extraordinary life on this magical Island.

Have a great weekend.

Blessings always

Sharon x


Sharon Karyasa © 2017

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