I started off this morning with the idea of reposting a blog I wrote in December 2016 titled Feminist Begone.

What began as a Facebook post became a blog update.

It seems as though there are times whilst I am sitting at my desk that my fingers take charge. Often taking me into an entirely different direction than I thought I was going.

Since writing Feminist Begone in December I have decided to put my first novel about my fictitious heroine named Charlie on hold.

My shadow voices are telling me it’s important to share my life here in Bali through the written word.

I have already commenced my next book about my extraordinary life married to Made, living in a Balinese Family Compound and all the hilarious and astonishing stories about life here on The Island of the Gods.

Since returning from my adventure in Hollywood and meeting acclaimed Author Margaret Atwood at the Hollywood Premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale which I wrote about in my blog titled 7 days in LA.  I am flabbergasted about the hype and attention the mini series is receiving.

Last week was a real aha moment for me, when the The Jakarta Post published a photograph of me with Atwood which was taken at the premier of The Handmaids Tale in Hollywood on April 26, 2017.

As with all of my blog updates I write from the heart. I write how I am feeling, I write from my own perspective.

Basically I stand by my comments that the word Feminism is out dated. It’s time we united together as humans. We are, after all, humans, right? Isn’t the word humanist more fitting for the year 2017?

I believe its up to us as humans to educate our Children, both girls and boys to believe that equality is NORMAL.

I raised my son to respect both sexes as equal.

James is an only child. I made it my mission as he was growing up to have as many friends of both gender as he wanted visit our home.

I am delighted that his girlfriends and boyfriends are all still his friends. In fact it’s a real bonus that I am also friend’s with this delightful group of accomplished millennials.

It’s our job as parents to empower our Children, to believe friendship and respect should be devoted equally to both sexes.

I don’t want to hear conversations that Atwood’s fictitious story, The Handmaids Tale, could in anyway be a conceivable future reality.

Please don’t get me wrong.

I admire, respect, honour and thank our Sisters before us who fought for the vote, and so much more.

In fact I wrote an assignment whilst I was studying a Diploma of Welfare about the incredible dedication the campaign movement of the Suffragette’s and their contribution to equality.

Suffragette’s were real life Wonder Women.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a great week

Blessings always

Sharon x


An #Aha #Oprah moment opening up the The Jakarta Post on 17 July 2017

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Hold on to that dream

I received an email 7 days ago advising me that I would be featured in the Jakarta Post on Monday 17 July 2017. Thoughts were swirling around, too many to think about. Could this be a reality?

I was to be featured in one of the most respected national Newspapers on the planet! I would be showcased as “People”.

I tried my best to stay calm over the weekend.

I had to get on with life as normal. The problem with me though, is that I don’t really have a normal week.

This week however, I was hostess to my friend Anni.

Anni had never been to Ubud, in fact Anni had never travelled anywhere on her own.  I love the fact that Anni decided to do something different, to be adventurous and to travel independently.

After settling into a local Warung, I ordered Coconuts.


It was Anni’s first Coconut, it was a hit, she loved it.

It was heart warming sharing special moments with my friend.

I did however chew her ear off about my excitement over the article that was due to come out the following day.

I am truly sorry Anni, I do become obsessive, especially when something big is about to happen.

It’s 4.30am Monday morning, I stir.

I look at my phone and force myself to close my eyes until 5am.

I grab my phone and download the Jakarta Post. I am in shock. There I am, larger than life.

The article is perfect.

Bill Dalton got the message across beautifully. One of the main reasons I wrote my book with such honesty was to share the good, bad, crazy, funny and astonishing times in my life.. so far.woke up to this

My life to date has been one of liberation, it is now my duty, my mission is to empower women and men to pick themselves up.

Dust themselves off, then to go out and catch that dream.

Anni stayed at Tri Sandhya Villa for four days, during that time I escorted her around idyllic Ubud.

It still astounds me at times, being surrounded by such beauty, there is a reason why Barack Obama recently chose to stay at a hotel close to Tri Sandhya Villa.

You need to spend time in our location, to encompass the mysterious feeling in and around the Ubud district.

One morning we sipped coffee at a Royal Hotel, a short walk from Tri Sandhya Villa.

We sat overlooking a forest ravine, we gazed at the awe-inspiring view, soaking in the wonderland, which can only be described as a Garden of Eden.

Anni is a woman who never let go of her dreams. All her life she had fantasised about being a Kindergarten teacher. Then at the age of 54 her dream became a reality.

It took Anni 14 years to finally achieve her aspirations; she also finished up attaining a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with distinctions due to her tenacity and commitment.

Anni chatted about feeling empowered after finally achieving her degree, she also explained that she almost gave up.

But she didn’t.

Anni said she finally feels validated, she feels confident, she feels reborn.

I know how she feels.

Working hard, digging deep and focusing on the big picture is hard, bloody hard.

I know one thing for sure though. I wouldn’t change the past.

Victory is so much sweeter when you can see that light.

Okay, so it’s time to post this blog and get back to my next project, which will be writing my next book about my extraordinary life on this magical Island.

Have a great weekend.

Blessings always

Sharon x


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Bali Love

Following on from my last blog titled Bali Unseen

I have already commenced my next book about my life living in a Balinese Community with my husband, family and Village neighbours.

In the meantime I would like to share an excerpt from Scarlett Voices in the Shadows, which was the written from my perspective when I was only 19 years old.

The year was 1984.

I was a solo traveller.

The destination was Bali.

Although my life has taken many twists and turns, one thing remains the same.

My love affair with Bali has not only stayed the same, it has catapulted into a world of the extraordinary.

A world I could never have imagined when I was only 19 years old.

Excerpt – Scarlett Voices in the Shadows – Chapter 6 Paradise Island

When I woke up, I suddenly realised I was alone. Mel was living with her boyfriend in the city of Denpasar located some distance from my hotel. I awoke disorientated and looked around my immaculate room.

I was jumping around in glee, feeling overwhelmed with excitement. I had two bamboo beds in my room, beautiful polished white floors, an immaculate bathroom with a shower and toilet and a beautiful photograph of a Balinese dancer on the wall.

I opened my door, embracing the panorama of Ramayana Seaside Cottages. I kept thinking, I am in heaven, this is heaven, I am definitely dreaming, how could I be staying in this tropical paradise?

It had taken me twelve months of saving to afford my package holiday. During this time, I had not gone out and spent money at the pub or bought any new clothes, which was an extremely tough challenge, as I loved fashion and adored buying new clothes.

I stood there scanning the luxurious setting. I was instantly in love with the pool area. I could see a beautiful openthatched hut with brightly coloured cushions scattered around, frangipani plants in beautiful pots and garden beds cascading with exotic plants.

I sat down in the breakfast area and was immediately greeted by a beautiful girl dressed in a sarong and lace top known as a ‘kebaya.

The banana pancake, tropical juice and fruit that were served were the most exotic foods I had ever seen and tasted.

I kept smiling, secretly imagining I was in an episode of Gilligan’s Island, which of course meant I had arrived in paradise and would never be able to leave. It was at this moment that I drifted off into a dream. I was dreaming of limitless possibilities, limitless, limitless worlds. I felt so calm, relaxed, hypnotised.

I was looking ahead, zoning in. I was seeing everything I believed was not possible. I was floating next to a beautiful woman, who was dressed identically to the waitress.She was placing three small beautiful arrangements of coloured flowers on top of a temple, delicately balancing a stick of incense on top.

The ritual continued as she splashed water over the small offering and proceeded to wave her hand in a fascinating magical movement over the flowers.

The aroma from the incense was potent, the ritual an intoxicating experience. I was floating, drifting, dancing into a world that wasn’t one I had ever known, a flight of fantasy, a craving, a knowing.


Photograph taken 1 July 2017 @ our Balinese Village home

Thank you for reading my blog.

Blessings always


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