Bali Unseen

Okay so I am married to a Balinese man.

I live in a Balinese family compound, I live a blessed life. That is true, however my true fascination with Bali started long before I met Made.

How do I even begin to write a short article about my obsession with Bali.

Yes I have written about Bali in my memoir Scarlett Voices in the Shadows, although I have just skimmed the surface about my insatiable craving for this incredible Island.

I guess the best way to sum up my feelings at this point as I tip tap on the keyboard is to attempt writing a short fascinating, entertaining scribe about my feelings and Bali.  Although only one word sums it up:

“Niskala” the Balinese word for Unseen

Let me put it another way.  There is NO word. The addiction I have for Bali is unexplainable.   Off the top of my head here are a few examples that kind of gives you a picture.

Bali creates a feeling

Bali creates a knowing

Bali creates magic

Bali creates mystery

Bali creates fascination

This morning I felt elated after my morning walk, the natural beauty of my surrounds, the infectious smiles of the farmers in the rice field and the workers at the monkey forest.

I felt elated after witnessing what we thought were wolves in the forest.  I felt elated by the musical sounds coming from the monkeys, who were obviously as happy as we were.

I felt elated by the miraculous spectacle of Mount Agung as it was waking up, the sun rising above its vast splendor, luminating its all powerful presence.

I was going to write this blog about some of the Villagers, the farmers, or the characters we meet and talk to everyday.

I was going to write this blog about some of my experiences living amongst the many layers of my Niskala community.

I couldn’t decide, the task was too difficult.  I believe a much better idea would be if I commenced my next book about my extraordinary life living in Bali.

So I will wind up this little scribe with a short poem I wrote on Instagram after we returned home this morning.

We live in a world of magic and wonder

My affirmation this day and everyday is for love, nature and kindness to win

Its time to unite

We must dismiss fear, hatred, anger and violence

Selfie taken this morning on our daily walk, with our two Bali rescue Dogs.  Made is holding Zara and I am cuddling Maxi.

My life has taken on a different type of rhythm since returning from Hollywood.

Only the Gods, Goddesses and my universal spiritual guides will know where my next chapter will steer me.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Blessings always



Sharon Karyasa © 2017

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