Hollywood unseen. It’s a wrap (for now)

I am back at the Taipei Airport transit lounge where I wrote a blog entry before embarking on my unknown adventure to LA six weeks ago. I actually lost track of the amount of time I had been away from home until I checked the dates.

I wanted to keep this update short, although summing up the trip would probably need bullet points to cover the madness of synchronic and circumstances of people and places I became engulfed in.

Maybe I should start backwards, like ten minutes ago, before I sat in this peaceful café, sipping my coffee and bashing out my thoughts.

I love China Airlines, the man next to me was making a great choice of selecting marathon movies. I was enjoying the security of flying without responsibilities.

It was fun not making choices, it was easier to copy his selection of movies. I glanced over at the caption on his small monitor and was astounded.

1964 Hollywood

How could this be? I had just finished reminiscing about old Hollywood, with a real life Hollywood starlet in Beverly Hills whilst having lunch a few hours prior. 1964 was the year I was born. The movie called Rules don’t apply was about Howard Hughes.

Warren Beatty stars as the Hollywood Icon, had I just driven past The Promenade at The Howard Hughes Centre? Why did the movie finish at the exact moment my twelve hour flight was landing here in Taipei? Why was Alec Baldwin in the movie after I had met him at his book signing at Barnes and Noble and he suggested I send my memoir to his publisher?

So many stories, incredible stories, like stumbling across a beautiful photograph randomly in a book titled Hollywood Unseen of my heroine Scarlett O’Hara on another day at Barnes and Nobel.

Vivien and me.jpg

I do know one thing though.

I was blessed and feel deep gratitude to have met some incredible human beings who took me under their wing, showered me with kindness and friendship and opened my eyes up to a different world.

My meeting with representatives of the Mayor’s Office was the highlight of my time in Los Angeles. It was the most incredible feeling to share my experience of instigating the world breaking family violence clause in 2010.

Whilst I was sitting in the Mayors Office at famous City Hall in LA discussing the brilliant movement, it was at that moment I felt as though I had reached a pivotal point in my life.

I highlighted these important paragraphs in my memoir, as well as submitting additional documentation about the groundswell movement, which all started whilst I was working at the iconic Surf Coast Shire in Victoria, Australia.

Excerpt from Scarlett Voices In the Shadows

So, I looked around the boardroom table and took a deep breath. I spoke about the benefits of including the family violence clause in the workplace agreement. The human resources manager interrupted me and started laughing. While voicing his opinion in an authoritarian tone, he said it was unacceptable, as negotiations had already commenced. Additionally, the family violence clause was not an item he would consider as council business.

Instead of cowering to him, I found a strength that I didn’t know existed. It was almost as though the events of the last ten years had culminated in that one moment. I had only one shot at it and I needed to succeed.

I thought about the men and women in my life who had let me down, who had abandoned me, who had lied to me and about me, who had laughed behind my back, and who had finally assaulted me. I needed revenge. I needed retribution, and I needed to win.

I knew I would get the clause through. I felt an overwhelming strength, a power. I was a warrior. This was my time and I would make it happen.

I ignored the human resources manager and looked directly at the negotiator. I then asked him simply if everyone around the table was an equal. He responded by saying that without a doubt there would be no discrimination inside the room. Regardless of position in the organisation, everybody would be treated equally.

I told the negotiator that I was offended when the human resources manager laughed at me. I told him I was confused why anyone would laugh at such a serious issue; being a victim of crime is not a laughing matter. I looked at the negotiator and said I would like to ask the members of the negotiating committee to at least listen to our submission on how the clause would benefit both workers and management.

I looked around the room as I urged the members to understand the importance of the clause before dismissing it. I looked at each member of the committee and beamed an affirmation of agreement from everyone.

The group members looked at each other and everyone started mumbling at once. Then, a senior manager spoke and said,I think we should at least listen to what Scarlett and Bert have got to say; we are, after all, here as a collective.

One by one, everyone around the table gave a nod. The last person to nod was the human resources manager, who finally turned to the negotiator and instructed him to list the family violence clause item at the bottom of the agenda for discussion.

It was then for the first time that I heard the voices speak together, in the sweetest sound imaginable; a group of angels spoke in unison,

We are so very proud of you, Scarlett. This clause will change the lives of millions of people all over the world.

Some of you may be curious how my progress is going on my mission to reach out to Oprah?

I can rest assured, with the help of my guardian angels, I am making considerable progress.

But for now, it’s time to board my flight to Paradise, and even if it’s corny – I am calling it.

It’s a wrap

Sharon Karyasa © 2017

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One thought on “Hollywood unseen. It’s a wrap (for now)

  1. sounds like you had a brilliant time!! xxxx

    On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 9:15 PM, Sharon Karyasa wrote:

    > monkeybusinesswhispers posted: “I am back at the Taipei Airport transit > lounge where I wrote a blog entry before embarking on my unknown adventure > to LA six weeks ago. I actually lost track of the amount of time I had been > away from home until I checked the dates. I wanted to keep this” >


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