Hollywoood Dreams

I am sitting in the transit lounge at the Taipei Airport.

My next stop is Los Angeles, am I dreaming?

It was only one week ago that I decided to embark on my journey to Hollywood in search of Oprah and securing a film deal for Scarlett Voices in the Shadows.

Even as I am writing this blog I feel a little crazy putting my thoughts down on paper, then I hear one of my shadow voices whispering words of encouragement not to hold back in sharing my dreams.

Actually, some incredible leads and miraculous connections have transpired this week following my decision to book a flight.

I have met and been encouraged by talented writers and artists, further fuelling my ambition to go all the way with Scarlett.


I met with a creative writer at the Ubud Authors Group who generously shared inspirational quotes about the power of belief, trust and magic. This conversation came at a timely moment, reinforcing my commitment that I had made the correct decision to go for gold in Hollywood.

For those of you who have read my memoir, you may recall previous visits to Los Angeles, every time has been memorable for totally different reasons.

So here goes, I am on my way to the land of dreams and fantasy.

I will keep you all updated of course.

Blessings always,

Sharon xxx

Sharon Karyasa © 2017

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