Galungan dan Kuningan_April 2017

So much preparation goes into making elaborate offerings to appease the Gods and welcome the spiritual ancestors.

The spiritual ancestors descend on Bali and stay for 10 days before heading back on Kuningan Day.

This tradition happens every 210 days as detailed on the complicated Balinese calendar.

Living in a family compound amongst this pomp and ceremony can be confronting and intimidating.

Some of you who know me or have read my memoir will know that I began praying to the Bali Gods after a miracle happened to me in a temple.

My relationship with the Balinese Gods, Goddesses and Spirits has been intense, complicated and unexplainable just as the ancient rituals, but different.

Words cannot describe the profound effect the spirits have radiated through my soul since that miraculous day in 2010.

Maybe one day I will be able to articulate the radical transformation that has transpired in my soul, which started that day when I was rescued lovingly and embraced by a force so powerful I have not yet found a way to share with you in the written word.

I have decided this Galungan not to participate with my Village people, my Gods, Goddess and Spirits are whispering to me, instructing me to breathe and relax.


My family praying in our home temple

They are whispering to me, advising me to rest, pray and meditate while the Village people are busy throughout the spiritual vortex of this magical land.

They are saying it’s okay to read, write, sleep and love peacefully. It’s okay not to be participating in the traditional activities of the rhythmic machine and intricate processes.

May all of you who have taken the time to read my blog be blessed in abundance by your ancestors, may your life be touched with magic just as it has done with me.

Blessings always

Sharon x


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