Why I call myself a Humanist

I want to send a big thank you and Christmas cheer to my supporters and also to my haters, seriously I have learnt so much this year on my quest to publish my memoir.

This year has given me a new perspective, it has given me the strength to keep going, I have triumphed after attempting a very tough challenge.

I have self published my memoir and created a publishing company in my mothers name called Valda Press, and distributed my book to over 50 bookshops throughout Indonesia and Australia.

In addition Scarlett Voices in the Shadows is available to print on demand through Amazon, anywhere in the world.

I have been flabbergasted what has transpired this year. I have been encouraged and supported in addition to being, shunned and  verbally threatened .

It takes a lot of guts to speak your truth. It takes a lot of guts to bear your soul as I have done in my memoir Scarlett Voices in the Shadows.

My mission is not yet complete, my vision for Scarlett is to be read by the masses globally.

In my heart of hearts I know my story is an inspirational one, I know my story will help the lives of many.  In my heart of hearts I know my writing is the gift I have been given to share.

I was delighted when I received a review from a reader about how she describes the reaction from an elderly women who is bedridden,

My daughter works in Aged care and cares for a 96 year old lady who is blind and sadly now bedridden. My daughter took Scarlett to work with her and has been reading to her client. She is absolutely loving hearing about your travels (she traveled in her early days)

As she put her to bed for the night she would ask “what country are we in tonight” – she really thought she had been on the travels with you, so obviously she could visualise the places because you had described them so beautifully.

My story is for both men and women. I have received emails and phone calls from my readers telling me that my story has touched them emotionally. My memoir is easy to read, below is just one of many reviews I have received,

I don’t read many books, but this one I loved as could not put it down….wanting to know what happened next in this inspiring women’s life. I wanted to be on her adventure some of the time……some of the time not, as she endured a lot of heartache and sadness. What she did for domestic violence sufferers was amazing…changing their lives for the better. This truly was a ‘good read’. Cant wait for her next book!

During the process of writing my memoir and publishing by book I have come to the realization that I am not a man hater, I am in fact a man lover.

I respect men. I admire men. I love their masculinity and I love their femininity.

During my journey this year I have changed my preconceived opinion that most Australian men over the age of 30 are chauvinist pig’s, I was wrong.

It was the men this year who helped me on my quest to publish Scarlett Voices in the Shadows. It was the men who supported me, and not for sexual reasons.

These men supported me because of my achievement, my skill, my tenacity my perseverance and most importantly because of my writing ability.


I feel as though it’s time to unite, for both men and women to come together without discrimination, I guess that’s why I call myself a humanist.

That is my truth, I will continue to speak my truth.

I am sending a heart filled shout out from Bali to follow your dreams and reach for what ever you want.

Blessings always,

Sharon x


Day Dreams

When I was a child a would gaze into the horizon

When I was a child I would dream whilst I was awake

I heard voices

Fantasy became a destination I sought

I kept searching, I flew, I ran

I discovered a new world

I have reached that destination, eutopia is within

Love when you want to hate, dream when you need to think

Celebrate, be festive, be busy, create

Life has began again, time is a fantasy created to embrace

Life has started today.