Scarlett Voices In The Shadows – Bali Launch 26 October 2016


Celebrating at my local Warung (Cafe) 

A sea of red, an infusion of love was overflowing with a strength of power. Surrounding me was a bevy of beautiful women. These women are my hero’s. Mostly Indonesian, they are a group of strong feminine women who untie with love and care, the location is on the magical Island of Bali.

The occasion was a collaboration organised by the Ubud Ladies Champagne Club who planned with myself to showcase my memoir in true Balinese pizazz and glamour, with the direction to wear only red and gold.

The Golden Monkey Restaurant did not disappoint. The delectable feast of authentic Chinese speciality dishes just kept coming, six courses of culinary dishes cooked to perfection and ready for Royalty.

As usual I was swept away by the warmth radiating from the women at our gatherings. For me the occasion was a special one as I was truly ready to celebrate the success of my epic memoir Scarlett Voices In The Shadows.

It has certainly been a very busy time getting Scarlett polished and ready for publication, then ready for her debut to venture out into the big wide connected world we occupy.

How generous that all 17 ladies purchased a copy of Scarlett Voices In The Shadows. I will be forwarding 50% of the sales to a Children’s charity in Bali.

The morning started normally, my husband and myself walked through the monkey forest with our two dogs. We prayed, we ate breakfast and then it was time to get ready. Counting my blessings to be able to be fully pampered in true Balinese style, I felt relaxed and happy.

It was only when I was putting on my Scarlett dress that it dawned on me that I am actually a published author. It suddenly dawned on me that I am not only a published author, I am recognised.

Being recognised to me is not being written up in posh literary columns or receiving awards, it is being sent emails of thanks and congratulations.

Being acknowledged by my peers that they loved Scarlett’s journey and could not put her down. Being told by both men and women that I have inspired them to follow their true path and keep striving for what is right.

This morning as I sit at my local Warung drinking Bali Coffee as I write this article, I am celebrating me. I am celebrating the first day of my life as a writer and a published author. I am celebrating turning a lifelong dream into a reality.

Now lets face it guys, if I can do it after all the obstacles thrown my way, then so can you.

Blessings always,

Sharon x


Bali Book Launch at The Golden Monkey Restaurant in Ubud 26 October, 2016




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