Scarlett Voices In The Shadows – launch date 12 October 2016.


frontbackcoverHello all

I am very excited to announce that Scarlett Voices In The Shadows will be launched on the 12 October 2016.

This is an exciting and unbelievable moment in time. I feel incredibly fortunate to have collaborated with professionals who have bestowed enthusiasm and support. Without their care, this project would not have been possible. These professional people have assisted me by enabling Scarlett Voices In The Shadows to be launched with love at my birthplace, the vibrant cultural city in Melbourne, Australia.

I have just received word that one of the most respected bookshops in Melbourne, Readings in Lygon Street, Carlton, will stock my memoir. I am still digesting this information, it feels completely unreal.

We are working hard to ensure that my friends will be able to get hold of my memoir regardless of where you live in the world.

Today is my three year Balinese Hindu wedding anniversary with my husband Made. It is extremely difficult being away from Made at this time. I am blessed though to have Made’s full support in the birth of Scarlett Voices In The Shadows.

Made has been making special offerings and praying at temples around the magical Island of the Gods, which is the ultimate gift of love my husband could give to me.

Thanks for taking an interest in my memoir

Blessings to all

Sharon x



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