Inclusiveness can be a reality

I visit a Balinese hair salon which is owned by my friend Nelli who is a Christian from the Indonesian Island of Sulawesi (where my husband’s two brothers live). Nellie is married to a Muslim from Java, Indonesia. Nellie employs Muslim and Balinese staff members.

The best part about the diversity for me is that I learn all about other people’s beliefs and customs. For example, one of the staff members today was fasting as we are now in the Ramadan time of the Muslim religion. Nellie informed me that she would be closed next week to celebrate Ramadan, as this is her husband’s religion.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.57.21 PM.pngNext week we celebrate Galungan dan Kuningan which is a Balinese Hindu belief. At Christmas and Easter, Nellie decorates her salon with Christmas trees and Easter, trimmings. We respect each other’s beliefs and when its time to celebrate, we respect that the shop is shut. My prayer today is this.

“Oh Universe please please let all the world follow this acceptance and respect. That is my Balinese Hindu Pray for today. Om santhi santhi santhi Om”

Inclusiveness can be a reality

Sharon Karyasa © 2016

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