Bastille Day 14th July, 2016

I was intending to write my first blog about an enchanting monkey forest, which inspired me to name my website monkeybusinesswhispers.

This enchanting forest is inhibited by sacred monkeys, the forest has giant nutmeg trees reaching heights in access of over 40 meters, locals have told me tales of sneaking glimpses of a golden temple in the middle of the dense forest.

Another story is that a space shuttle has detected pure light from the middle of the monkey forest expanse.

This enchanting monkey forest is in Bali, the same location where I walk every morning with my husband and two dogs.

As I pass the entry to a wondrous temple, which is situated in the middle of the forest, I look at the monkeys protecting their newborn babies, today they gaze at me in curious wonder. It seems at times these monkeys not only inspire me to be creative in my writing, they also seem to read my mind.

My mind is twirling, spinning in a maze of astonishment, I feel gratitude, mixed with pain. I was awoken this morning to a message from my son advising me he and his girlfriend are safe.

In a sleepy trance I read his message again,

“We were just told by our Air Bnb host there has been a terrorist attack in Nice Centre, we are home 3 kilometres from the attack, we are safe”

I turn on the television to witness a scene, an image that seems to becoming a regular occurrence, people running in the Street, commentary from reporters announcing that a large truck had ploughed into a crowd celebrating Bastille Day in the southern French City of Nice. Over 60 people had died, and 100 where injured.

I picked up my phone and called my son on facetime, when I saw his handsome tanned face I start blabbering words of which I cannot remember. I look over to his beautiful girlfriend, thanking her for having a cold and convincing my son to stay in and watch a movie. I hang up the phone, I say out loud in front of my small temple,

Thank you Gods, thank you for keeping my son and Lucy safe”

After a frantic phone call to my Sister, we resume our morning ritual, walking through our magical forest. I look at the monkeys protecting their babies, I was holding back my tears, as I have been all day. Today I have no inspiration, only sadness and happiness.

My first blog is dedicated to the victims and survivors of the attack in Nice, on Bastille Day, 14th July, 2016. My heart is aching for their loss, my heart is singing for my gift.

Blessings always



Bastille Day 14th July, 2016

Sharon Karyasa © 2016




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